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Graduation Requirements

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A collage of three images. Form left to right, a young man posing is a cap and gown, an image of graduates throwing caps in the air and an image of a young woman thowing confetti at the camera on graduation day.

New Mexico’s graduation requirements are necessary for students to earn a Diploma of Excellence, and provides students with strong preparation for college and career readiness. Currently, far too many students drop out or graduate from high school without the knowledge and skills required for success in the 21st century workplace and/or post-secondary education, closing doors, and limiting future options.

Dropping out of high school is no longer a viable option. High school dropouts in New Mexico face a 13 percent unemployment rate and earn an average annual income of $11,426. Nearly every good job requires some certification, license, apprenticeship, associate’s degree, or other advanced credential. Visit an Education Week article about lifetime income based on college major.

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For information on graduation rates, visit our Accountability Bureau’s Graduation Data page.

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Please see our Graduation FAQs for commonly asked questions and answers or contact the CCRB staff.

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