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Open Books Public Education Financial Transparency Portal

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The Open Books Public Education Financial Transparency Portal, a result of Senate Bill 96, will provide access to school and district financial information from across New Mexico’s public schools. The site will launch December 31, 2021.

As mandated by Senate Bill 96, the website will allow you to compare districts and schools and will provide information on:

  • Local, state, federal funding and budgeting, including to support at-risk students, bilingual services, and special education services.
  • Actual expenditures for schools and Local Education Agencies (LEAs), including salary and benefits, program expenditures, administrative costs, and other expenditures

Senate Bill 96

Introduced by Senator Jacob Candelaria, Representative Rebecca Dow, Senator Sander Rue, and PED leadership, Senate Bill 96 appropriated $3 million to launch the financial reporting website by December 31, 2021.

The Project

From January-June 2021, the PED project team completed the following:

  • Gathered requirements information from focus groups, including PED employees, members of the public, district financial staff members, and legislative staff
  • Contracted with vendors to modify the PED financial database, to build a platform that gathers and formats data for the website, and to build and post the website
  • Recruited Pilot Districts (Bloomfield, Eunice, Portales, Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School, APS) to provide school and special program data for FY2022
From July-December 2021, the PED project team will complete the following:

  • Modify the PED financial database to allow school and special program information to be gathered and formatted for the website
  • Develop a data analytics platform that will allow PED to more readily analyze financial information and to create data packages for the website
  • Create, test, and deploy the new Public Education Financial Transparency Portal website
  • On December 31, the new website will display:
    • District-level funding and expenditure data (not including special programs) for all New Mexico school districts and charter schools
    • School-level funding and expenditure data (including special programs) from pilot districts

In fall 2022, the website will display district and school-level data and special program data from all New Mexico districts and charter schools.

The Public Education Financial Transparency Portal website goes live on December 31, 2021!

Current Project Status—June 2021

Project status is green: it is on schedule and on budget.

  • Requirements have been gathered and approved
  • Vendor has begun modifications of Statewide Financial Database
  • Website model has been developed
  • Procurement for data analytics platform and website development vendor almost complete

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