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Graduation Requirements FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions The questions and answers below are provided to support schools and districts in implementing the new graduation requirements for the class of 2022 and graduating classes thereafter. For a printable version, download this document.   Graduation Policy New Mexico has only one diploma, the New Mexico Diploma of Excellence.  Students who meet both coursework and comp [...]

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Graduation Requirements

New Mexico's graduation requirements are necessary for students to earn a Diploma of Excellence, and provides students with strong preparation for college and career readiness. Currently, far too many students drop out or graduate from high school without the knowledge and skills required for success in the 21st century workplace and/or post-secondary education, closing doors, and limiting future [...]

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2022 Archive

Back to News Releases page Contact: Kelly Pearce 505-487-3539 December 30, 2022 NM Public Education Department - Year in Review Resolve to “Move the Needle” on Achievement in 2023 SANTA FE – This year’s focus on mathematics, called Math is Me, led to exciting work in our schools and the notion that everyone can succeed with calculations, manipulatives, and numbers. As 202 [...]

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2021 Archive

Back to News Releases page Contact: Judy Robinson 505-469-5496 Dec. 23, 2021 Broadband assistance program changes coming Dec. 31 Benefit to adjust to increase eligibility SANTA FE — Thousands of eligible New Mexicans have until Dec. 31 to apply for a federal program to offset the cost of high-speed internet before the pandemic relief program is expanded to include more [...]

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Social Studies Standards FAQ

When will the new standards be publicly available? The standards have been posted for public comment on the following link: The Social Studies Revisions Working Group is in the process of revising the proposed standards to allow more time to consider all 2,909 pages of written comments and 109 verbal comments [...]

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Parent Portal

Welcome to the New Mexico Parent and Family Portal Resources and information for families Providing Language Assistance to Parents or Guardians Districts and charter schools have an obligation to communicate meaningfully with parents or guardians who are not proficient in English. Additionally, establishing strong family-school partnerships with a culturally and linguistically responsive mindset, [...]

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Once you have created your account in the Home School System by following the New Enrollment Instructions or the Returning Enrollment Instructions, you may find the following "How To" links helpful: ADD A CHILD & ENROLL A CHILD VIEW-PRINT ENROLLMENT DIS-ENROLL A CHILD STATE ISSUED STARS ID INFO MANAGE PARENT PROFILE FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What are the requirements to [...]

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Career Clusters

Career Clusters Career clusters is a classification system that groups occupations into sixteen different clusters based on similarities in foundational knowledge and skills needed to achieve success. These clusters are then broken down into career pathways. Four classes is the typical structure of a program of study sequence in order to completely master all the common career technical core stand [...]

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State Policy for EL Identification and Proficiency Criteria (March 16, 2023) Revised Spring 2022 Assessment Participation Rates Memorandum (December 12, 2022) Cohort 2024 Demonstration of Competency Memorandum (November 29, 2022) Update About Spring 2022 MSSA Assessment Data (August 26, 2022) Spring 2022 MSSA Data Available Soon and 2022-23 Statewide Assessment Programs (August 1, 2022) Embargoed [...]

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New Mexico Student Leader Network (SLN)

Student Leader Spotlight Describe your school community: A rural school setting where the school is the center of the community. Where students are often taught by the same teaching staff as their parents before them. Kids grow up with one another and become family for good. What motivates you to be a Student Leader: To represent my peers and give them a voice for their own education and activitie [...]

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