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Welcome to the New Mexico Parent and Family Portal
Resources and information for families

Providing Language Assistance to Parents or Guardians

Districts and charter schools have an obligation to communicate meaningfully with parents or guardians who are not proficient in English. Additionally, establishing strong family-school partnerships with a culturally and linguistically responsive mindset, can provide a framework for family engagement activities that help schools and families partner for improved student outcomes. This Language Assistance to Parents or Guardian guide offers details on the language assistance that must be provided as well as how to create a language access plan.

Literacy at home

Want to know more about what your child should know how to do as they learn to read? Looking for at-home activities and resources to support literacy? Not sure what questions to ask your child’s teacher about their reading growth and development? Great news! The PED has published an early literacy guide to support families in helping children learn to read. Family guide resources can be found here in English.

Aquí está el enlace a la guía de alfabetización para familias (en español).

Canvas Resource Center for Parents & Families

Has your child been using an online learning platform this year? Is it Canvas (aka the PED’s “LMS” or Learning Management System)? If so, and if you’re interested in learning more about it, check out the newly launched Family Resource Center! This Resource Center provides families with an introduction to Canvas, directions on how to create an account as a parent/guardian so you can ‘co-enroll’ in a course as an observer, and how to download and use the parent app to track students’ progress.

Know Your Rights

The PED recently published a guide for families and parents receiving special education services. As we prepare for an expansion of in-person learning, it is critical that you’re informed of what you can expect regarding your child’s educational needs – please review this information (en Español). If you have any additional questions, there are several points of contact listed on the final page or you can visit our special education parent portal.

Family Wellness Toolkit

The community engagement team recently distributed a family Winter Wellness packet (en Español). This packet includes information about self-care, child development, COVID-19 and childcare.

General back-to School Resources

See the back-to-school resources available on the Back-to-School Guidance page.

FAFSA Resources

College Connect New Mexico, the New Mexico Educational Assistance Foundation (NMEAF), and its partners, kicked off Fund Your Future FAFSA and College Application Completion Campaign. Fund Your Future offers resources and assistance in completing the FAFSA, which is the first step a student need to qualify for grants, scholarships and loans to go to college.

Enjoy the YouTube videos from various education leaders in New Mexico, as well as students from around the state who have benefited from the resources provided by College Connect New Mexico and its partners.

Share the YouTube video and the flyer with your students, co-workers and on your social media platforms to help us get the word out on the importance of helping our New Mexico students get financial aid assistance.

Family Engagement Guidance

This document was shared with educators and educational leaders to offer suggestions for engaging with families during remote and hybrid learning models.

Family Education Survey

The key findings and demographics from our June 2020 family education survey are now available.

A detailed analysis of the results from our June 2020 family education survey is also available. This report includes information about survey content and methodology, an analysis of results by grade level, survey trends across student groups, a qualitative analysis of narrative responses, findings, recommendations, and an appendix with all survey items.

View our Family Education Survey FAQs (PDF) for background information.

ENGAGE New Mexico

For many students, going from a traditional classroom to learning from home can be a real challenge. New Mexico’s Public Education Department has partnered with Graduation Alliance to provide an extra layer of support for students in grades k-12 and their families who might be struggling with these changes.

Students will get an academic coach to work with them to answer questions, connect them with resources, and develop a plan to get on track and finish the school year strong.

ENGAGE New Mexico is completely free to students. To get started, sign up here or call us at 505-340-3250.

Quarantine Response Hotline

We know quarantine brings a myriad of challenges. As your student begins their quarantine period, we want to provide as much support as possible. Your student now has access to a Quarantine Response Hotline through ENGAGE New Mexico. Sabemos que la cuarentena plantea un sinfín de retos. A medida que su estudiante inicia el periodo de cuarentena, queremos brindarle todo el apoyo posible. Su estudiante ahora tiene acceso a una línea directa de respuesta en caso de cuarentena a través de ENGAGE New Mexico.

How does it work?

Simply call 800.805.1192 (7 a.m. -8 p.m., Monday – Friday) to get connected to an Academic Success Coach. If you need more in-depth assistance, they will provide a video chat link. Solo tiene que llamar al 800.805.1192 (7 a.m. – 8 p.m., de lunes a viernes) para contactar con un asesor para el éxito académico. Si necesita obtener mayor asistencia, le proporcionarán un enlace de videochat.

Who is it for?

This new ENGAGE New Mexico service is for students who have been exposed to COVID-19 and are at home under quarantine and students who have tested positive for the virus and are at home isolating. Este nuevo servicio de ENGAGE New Mexico va dirigido a los estudiantes que han estado expuestos a la COVID-19 y que se encuentran en casa en cuarentena y a los estudiantes que han dado positivo en la prueba del virus y que están aislados en casa.

What is the cost?

As part of ENGAGE New Mexico, the Quarantine Response Hotline is completely free! Como parte de Engage New Mexico, ¡la línea directa de respuesta en caso de cuarentena es completamente gratuita!

Page last updated March 6, 2023