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Manual of Procedures (PSAB) / UCoA

PSAB_Glossary PSAB_Acknowledgements PSAB_Forward 1 Manual PSAB1 Budget PSAB2 Internal Control PSAB3 UCoA PSAB3 UCoA supplement 3 PSAB4 Federal & State Grants PSAB5 Financial Statements PSAB6 Audit and Compliance PSAB7 Cash Controls PSAB8 Investments PSAB9 Inst Mat PSAB10 Warehouse PSAB11 Insurance PSAB12 Capital Assets PSAB13 Purchasing PSAB14 Payroll PSAB16 Bonds Capital projects and Debt Ser [...]

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BAR/ Budget Approvers by Fund Cash Report Contact Form Permanent Cash Transfer Form Additional Resources For OBMS Forms and Manuals please refer to the New Mexico Public Education Department -> Offices and Programs -> Finance Analysis Bureau -> OBMS Forms. For Flowthrough BAR Process and RfR Training Guide please refer to the Fiscal Grants Management webpage under the header "FEDERAL AND STATE GRA [...]

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School Budget Bureau

Responsibilities of the School Budget Reviews, analyzes, and approves all charter and district budgets Monitors the distribution and use of nearly half of the state's General Fund appropriations each year Provides school finance information to the legislature, the federal government, the general public, and other interested parties Additional services Maintains the Manual of Procedures for Public [...]

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Guidance and Tools

  Resource Menu Content Description MLSS Manual This New Mexico Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS) manual updates the instructional framework and guidance on the statutorily mandated (NMSA 22-13-32) response to intervention process in New Mexico to be more comprehensive, target features of implementation, and to include resources available at each layer of support. MLSS Implementation Gu [...]

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CCRB oversees the administration of federal and state funds specific to CTE and the implementation of CTE activities. Two funding sources are available. The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, known as Perkins V, provides federal funding. State legislative funds, known as Next Gen CTE, are covered in NMSA 22.1.12. The policies within the CCRB Policies and Procedu [...]

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Parent Portal

Dynamic Learning Maps is providing guidance on how instructionally embedded assessments may be used as a baseline measure to help teachers better understand their students' instructional needs for the 2020-2021 school year (DLM) Know Your Rights: A Guide for Families and Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services (NMPED, February 8, 2021) LEA Assignments have been updated (NMPED, May [...]

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21st Century Community Learning Centers

Announcements Fall Into Place October 18-20, 2022 For more details check out this link: 21st CCLC Program Technical Assistance Please see the clickable menu below to access a variety of resources related to the 21st CCLC Program initiative: NM Out-of-School Time Guiding Principles A flexible set of quality Out-of-School Time guidelines that are designed to foster their util [...]

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Education Technology

NMPED's Education Technology Call Center PED guidelines for disposal of equipment, including computer equipment New Mexico State Auditor disposal guidelines Network Security Checklist for K-12 schools Broadband Imperative II paper from SETDA Future Ready School Technology Planning Future Ready Technology Planning for small rural schools Schedule time for E-Rate Support NM Discussion of E-Rate and [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PED do accreditation for public or private schools? Public schools are graded yearly on a large array of data points through school grades. Charter schools have charters with their authorizing agency--the PEC or their district, and they are monitored via school grades. Private schools are responsible for their entire accreditation process; they can choose from a variety of accreditation [...]

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