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Actuals Upload Templates

2023-2024 Actuals-Upload-Sample-Grant-CSV-Template

2023-2024 Actuals-Upload-Sample-Grant-CSV-EOY-FTE-Template

2023-2024 Actuals-Upload-General-Fund-Capital-Outlay-Debt-Service-CSV-Template

2023-2024 Actuals-Upload-General-Fund-Capital-Outlay-Debt-Service-CSV-EOY-FTE-Template

Additional Resources

For OBMS Forms and Manuals please refer to the New Mexico Public Education Department -> Offices and Programs -> Finance Analysis Bureau -> OBMS Forms.

For Flowthrough BAR Process and RfR Training Guide please refer to the Fiscal Grants Management webpage under the header “FEDERAL AND STATE GRANT FUNDING PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES.”

For Disposition of Property process please refer to Capital Outlay Bureau’s webpage REQUEST FOR DISPOSITION OF PROPERTY.

For Form W-9 please refer to the New Mexico Department of Finance Home -> Financial Control -> Resource Information -> Forms webpage.

Page last updated July 18, 2024