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Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS)

//Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS)
Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS) 2020-03-23T13:14:22-06:00

New Mexico’s Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS)

Our Mission- ALL Students Ready for Success: College, Career, Life, Secure in their Identity and Healthy
This is accomplished by:

  • aligning all interventions to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and student data;
  • being proactive and flexible about addressing student needs; and
  • working with a variety of community, family, and health/wellness professionals to provide coordinated supports that address a students holistic success.

What is MLSS?

  • MLSS is a holistic intervention framework that guides educators, those closest to the student, to intervene quickly when students need additional supports. The MLSS framework reflects the supports that the classroom teacher, school, family, health and wellness staff offer toward readying students to experience academic and behavioral success in school resulting in students being ready for success.


  • The new MLSS model will provide support to ALL students including students who are migrant, homeless, and in foster care. MLSS will allow teachers and health and wellness staff to intervene quickly when students are struggling academically or behaviorally by providing immediate support to those students in an educational crisis.
  • MLSS moves away from the “wait to fail” model. This empowers teachers to use their professional judgement and make data-informed decisions regarding the students in their classrooms.
  • Decisions regarding layered interventions are made by the classroom teachers and support personnel closest to the students. The unnecessary burden of additional paperwork, forms and meetings in order to make decisions regarding layered interventions are lessened considerably.

Who was Consulted?

  • From August 2018 through March 2019, 20 stakeholder meetings were conducted throughout the State of New Mexico in order to get input from the field regarding New Mexico’s Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS). Total in attendance for stakeholder meetings were 559. Stakeholders invited for input included teachers, school nurses, counselors, special education directors, regular education teachers, SAT Coordinators, superintendents or their designee, and principals.
      • The following stakeholder meetings took place:
        2 in Santa Fe total in attendance was 49
        3 in Farmington total in attendance was 51
        4 in Las Cruces total in attendance was 127
        5 in Albuquerque total in attendance was 111
        2 in Hobbs total in attendance was 50
        2 in Taos total in attendance was 61
        2 in Artesia total in attendance was 110

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Implementation Technical Assistance Webinar Materials

Please click on the links below to access materials from monthly technical assistance webinars:

Implementation Meeting #1

Implementation Meeting #2

Implementation Meeting #3

Implementation Meeting #4

Implementation Meeting #5

Resource Menu Content Description
MLSS Manual


This New Mexico Multi-Layered System of Supports (MLSS) manual updates the instructional framework and guidance on the statutorily mandated (NMSA 22-13-32) response to intervention process in New Mexico to be more comprehensive, target features of implementation, and to include resources available at each layer of support.

Please note that while this resource is made available to ALL educators, those districts and schools not participating in the 2019-20 MLSS Pilot Program will need to follow the most recent guidance on Response to Intervention (RtI).

MLSS-SAT Supplemental Manual


This manual provides guidance on the Student Assistance Team (SAT) process and the provision of high-quality instruction and interventions. This manual can help teachers meet the needs of students by detailing the approach to interventions and the movement between universal and targeted interventions. This manual also addresses targeted and intensive interventions to provide for a greater impact on student achievement and well-being.

Please note that while this resource is made available to ALL educators, those districts and schools not participating in the 2019-20 MLSS Pilot Program will need to follow the most recent guidance on Student Assistance Teams (SAT).

MLSS Rubric Tool


This tool provides school administration a means to self-assess MLSS implementation. This tool may be saved and returned to at a later time.

This tool can help with planning targeted:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Systems and policies
  • Teacher supports
  • Family and community supports
MLSS Student Intervention Sheet


This tool provides education professionals a means to document student needs and interventions. This tool may be provided to the Student Assistance Team (SAT) to help make evaluative judgements of the efficacy of targeted interventions.
MLSS Background This document provides a complete understanding of the impetus that led to the development of NM’s MLSS intervention framework.


MLSS-Overview Presentation


This presentation slide deck provides a quick overview of the core elements of MLSS.
National Resources This document contains a variety of resources concerning leveled intervention models throughout the nation.


OSEP 11-07 RTI Memo – US Department of Education This memo outlines the mandate that no procedures or practices delay the identification of students.


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