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Annual and 90-day Plan Review Dashboard

NMPED is pleased to release the Annual and 90-day Plan Review Dashboard. This dashboard details the results of comprehensive reviews completed for every Fall 2023 school plan in the NM School DASH. All Dash Plans submitted between October 26, 2023, and December 4, 2023, were reviewed. Any plans developed after December 4, 2023, were not reviewed. The dashboard includes aggregate district and statewide results and school-specific reports on every quality indicator evaluated across all five planning components. As identified in the NM Differentiated System of Support, all School DASH Plans receive an annual review. For schools with a designation (TSI, ATSI, CSI, or MRI) they receive additional desktop monitoring, which will be available in the dashboard.

On January 30, 2024, schools and district users will be able to view the comprehensive plan monitoring report within School DASH. This report includes any written feedback or guidance supplementing the information available on the Tableau dashboard. Instructions for locating the report after January 30, 2024, are available here. The Annual and 90-day Plan Review dashboard will be made public on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

Questions: Please contact Sandy Gladden or Connie Copeland

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The New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) strives to ensure that every student is successful in their future college, career, or civic endeavors by building capacity for educators statewide to sustain improvement and close achievement gaps.

The department brings this vision to life through NM School DASH — a framework for evidence-based planning, implementation, and monitoring processes for schools. Informed by thorough research and statewide input from school and district leaders, NM School DASH model inspires change by facilitating a straightforward course of action for New Mexico educators.

The framework identifies key resources to support the change process; documents critical offline planning, implementation, and monitoring activities; and informs substantive collaborative data-based conversations. By supporting a common, consistent approach to improvement plans, NM School DASH allows for a scalable approach to improvement plans, encourages a laser-like focus on improving student outcomes, and cultivates a growth mindset amongst educators.

The NM School DASH Resource Library contains a compilation of materials available to support the planning, implementation, and monitoring activities of schools and districts working towards the New Mexico Ideal State.

The NM School DASH Process Guide sets a vision and defines a process to ensure a common approach, consistency of language, and a laser-like focus on improving student outcomes. It provides guidance to schools as they engage in the change process and identifies key resources to support change efforts. Finally, the guide helps document critical offline planning, implementation, and monitoring activities, and frames substantive collaborative conversations.

The guide outlines the six components necessary to complete rigorous planning, design monitoring activities, and inform implementation. It provides schools with a common language and common expectations to help build shared momentum for change (see Appendix A for a Glossary of Terms). The six components are:

  • Component 1: Build School Core Team
  • Component 2: Set Student Achievement Goals
  • Component 3: Conduct Data Analysis and Identify THE Performance Challenge
  • Component 4: Conduct Root Cause Analysis and Select Focus Areas
  • Component 5: Create Desired Outcomes, Develop Progress Indicators, and Define Critical Actions
  • Component 6: Implement Plan and Monitor Progress
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