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Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs)

Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) 2020-08-27T22:15:20-06:00



NMPED has the responsibility of approving, maintaining, and monitoring the quality of all educator preparation programs, to include administration programs, offered in the state. The agency also informs the public, LESC, and HED by holding approved educator preparation programs continuously accountable to the required regulations, standards, and competencies.

Strong educator preparation is a strategy that New Mexico must continue to advance. The state has the authority to oversee and set the standards for educator preparation, foster innovation, provide support/training, and hold programs accountable. By improving the depth and quality of preparation for our new educators, NMPED will improve retention rates for school districts, and improve student outcomes.


EPPs Overview (PDF)

Education Approval Cycle (PDF)

Educator Accountability Reporting System (EARS)

Approved Educator Preparation Programs (PDF)

Professional Practices and Standards Committee (PPSC)



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