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IE Act & Rules

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Enacted in 2003, reauthorized in 2007

NM Indian Education Act

    • This act 22-23A-1 through 22-23A-8: NMSA 1978] may be cited as the “Indian Education Act”.There are eleven (11) purposes of the Indian Education Act that support and address American Indian academic and cultural achievement.


  • Equitable, culturally relevant learning environment for Indian students
  • Maintenance of Native languages
  • Partnerships to increase tribal involvement and control over schools
  • Tribes notified of curricula development for approval/support
  • Collaboration among relevant orgs to improve educational opportunities for Indian


    • Agreement re: alignment of Bureau of Indian affairs and state assessment programs
    • Cooperation among Navajo tribes across AZ, UT, NM
    • Parental involvement

Provide for:

      • Development of systems that positively affect academic success of Indian students
      • A formal government to government relationship between NM and NM tribes (including Indian
        Education Division)
      • Means for a relationship between state and urban Indian communities

Indian Education Division:

        • Provide assistance to districts and tribes to meet educational needs and to plan/develop/implement/evaluate curricula in native language, culture, and history
        • Require school districts receive signed tribal approval showing tribes agree to policies and procedures
        • Develop/select a challenging, sequential, culturally relevant curriculum for K-6 students to prepare them for Pre-AP and AP coursework in grades 7-12
        • Develop curriculum focused on tribal history and government to be included in history/govt classes in NM
        • Ensure bilingual programs are included in PD plan
        • Advisory Council: 16 members (including 1 non-Indian) to meet semi-annually to discuss with NM governmental representatives the evaluation, consolidation, and coordination of education for Native American students
        • Seek funds to establish agreements with tribes to share programmatic info, coordinate technical assistance, and to develop programming and systems to encourage teacher recruitment, retention, support, and development
        • Reports: IED + BIE + any districts with tribal lands within boundaries must submit annual status report to tribes
          Even Start: Schools with high proportion of Native American students given priority in funding processSCHOOL PERSONNEL ACT.
          22-10A-13. Native American language and culture certificate.
          The state board may issue a Native American language and culture certificate to a person proficient in a Native American language and culture of a New Mexico tribe or pueblo who meets criteria established by the state board. A baccalaureate degree is not required for the person applying for this certificate. The Native American language and culture certificate shall be issued and renewable in accordance with procedures established by the state board.


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