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Martinez and Yazzie Consolidated Lawsuit

//Martinez and Yazzie Consolidated Lawsuit
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Martinez/Yazzie Discussion Draft and 2022 Strategic Plan

The Public Education Department is seeking public feedback on the Martinez/Yazzie Discussion Draft, a draft document summarizing the state’s ongoing and comprehensive plan to transform New Mexico’s education system in response to a court’s findings in the Martinez-Yazzie Consolidated Lawsuit. The public can comment in writing at through June 17. The final document will closely align with the 2022 Comprehensive Strategic Plan. The two documents will guide budgetary and programmatic decision-making with a single-minded focus on one goal: To assure that all students meet their full potential regardless of race, ethnicity, income or background.

Remedying the findings of the Martinez and Yazzie Consolidated Lawsuit means creating positive educational experiences and improved outcomes for all New Mexico students and requires effort and cooperation from all parties, including the NMPED, districts, charter schools, higher education institutions, Tribes, families, and other education stakeholders.

The NMPED’s four-part strategy creates an effective and equitable system of supports for all students focused on root-cause analysis, equity-focused leadership, continuous improvement, and culturally and linguistically responsive curriculum and pedagogy. Learn more about the four-part strategy here:

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) acknowledges the Court’s ruling that “no education system can be sufficient for the education of all children unless it is founded on the sound principle that every child can learn and succeed[.]” Similarly, the New Mexico Legislature found that the key to success is having a multicultural education system that:

  1. attracts and retains quality and diverse teachers to teach New Mexico’s multicultural student population;
  2. holds teachers, students, schools, districts, and the state accountable;
  3. integrates the cultural strengths of its diverse student population into the curriculum with high expectations for all students;
  4. recognizes that cultural diversity in the state presents special challenges for policymakers, administrators, teachers, and students;
  5. provides students with a rigorous and relevant high school curriculum that prepares them to succeed in college and the workplace; and
  6. elevates the importance of public education in the state by clarifying the governance structure at different levels.

To help achieve the goals listed above, districts and charter schools must implement the Equity in Action items: The Martinez and Yazzie Readiness Assessment, a Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Inventory and Framework, an Advisement Package, and a Strategic Equity Plan.

Districts and charter schools initiating systemic change for New Mexico Students and Families

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