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The NMPED recently developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to provide guidance to district and charter Equity Councils and to inform the public on the background and purpose of Equity Councils. This document can be found in our Equity Councils Resources section and can also be accessed here (PDF).

The NMPED established the Equity Council requirement for all districts and charter schools in the state to ensure that the important work of the Martinez and Yazzie Lawsuit was carried out by the experts at the local level.

The NMPED is committed to the work of providing resources and guidance to districts and charters through an “accountability with support” model. This means that the NMPED is building the foundation for equitable spending and allocation of resources through the work of the Equity Councils as advisories to school boards, superintendents, charter school executive directors, and governing bodies through the data collected in the Martinez and Yazzie Readiness Assessment.

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“The Equity Council concept was inspired by the work of community members and educators in the Albuquerque Public School (APS) District in 2004-2005. A committed group of individuals came together collectively to discuss and generate their best ideas grounded in the lived experience of students, families, and educators in order to improve outcomes for students. As part of the APS Equity Council initiative, a community-led school was created to meet the needs of the growing urban Native American student population who had experienced varied outcomes as compared to their peers.

Dep Sec Bobroff– Kara Bobroff, NMPED Deputy Secretary of Identity, Equity, and Transformation

It was both inspiring and strategic that the Equity Council lifted up a solution that brought people together to envision what was possible; a school that would change the trajectory for Native American youth. When people closest to the work in districts, charters, and schools, and those directly impacted by the work, our students and families, are working together, anything is possible. This is our moment as an entire state to envision the possible and work to make it a reality.”

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