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Research and Evaluation Initiatives

Research and Evaluation Initiatives 2024-04-11T16:03:00-06:00

The studies listed below are current research projects that PED is undertaking with local and/or national agencies.

To engage in research partnerships with the PED, please review the following requirements to submit a memoraudm of understanding and data sharing request:

PED Research and Data Sharing Requirements (coming soon)

PED Partnered Research Projects

StudyPartnersProject DescriptionFindings/Final Report
Personalized Learning Initiative Study
  • University of Chicago
  • PED Curriculum & Instruction
  • PED Research & Evaluation
The study is intended to figure out how to optimally combine the delivery of high dosage tutoring (HDT) and a more sustainable version of HDT (SHDT) to serve the greatest number of students who most need it. The study will seek to answer the following key research questions:

  • What are the effects of HDT relative to the state’s business as usual on students’ outcomes?
  • What are the effects of SHDT on students’ outcomes?
  • Can students be identified which might particularly benefit from each intervention (for HDT and for SHDT)?
Study Underway
Evaluating the Impact of a NM ECHO for the Structured Literacy Classroom Program on NM Student Literacy Achievement
  • Project ECHO, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
  • NM PED Assessment, Research, Evaluation & Accountability Division
The purpose of this project is to evaluate the impact of the NM ECHO for the Structured Literacy Classroom (NMSLC) Program on K-2 teachers and students in New Mexico. NMSLC, hosted by the ECHO Institute at UNM as part of its NM ECHO for Education Initiative, will conduct telementoring sessions with the goal of supporting K-2 teachers who have completed the state-mandated Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) program to further develop and implement skills in structured literacy instruction. This study will assess gains in student achievement in literacy for students with ECHO-supported teachers compared to students without ECHO-supported teachers, using standardized literacy assessment data (e.g., iStation) and student narrative worksheets, in partnership with NM PED.Study Underway
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