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Research and Evaluation Initiatives

Research and Evaluation Initiatives 2024-03-01T11:09:02-07:00

The studies listed below are current research projects that PED is undertaking with local and/or national agencies.

To engage in research partnerships with the PED, please review the following requirements to submit a memoraudm of understanding and data sharing request:

PED Research and Data Sharing Requirements (coming soon)

PED Partnered Research Projects

StudyPartnersProject DescriptionFindings/Final Report
Personalized Learning Initiative Study
  • University of Chicago
  • PED Curriculum & Instruction
  • PED Research & Evauation
The study is intended to figure out how to optimally combine the delivery of high dosage tutoring (HDT) and a more sustainable version of HDT (SHDT) to serve the greatest number of students who most need it. The study will seek to answer the following key research questions:

  • What are the effects of HDT relative to the state’s business as usual on students’ outcomes?
  • What are the effects of SHDT on students’ outcomes?
  • Can students be identified which might particularly benefit from each intervention (for HDT and for SHDT)?
Study Underway
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