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Accountability System & NM Vistas

Accountability System & NM Vistas 2024-05-17T06:15:38-06:00

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) require state education agencies to implement a system of annual school identification and to disseminate report cards that provide information on State, LEA, and school performance and progress.

The state framework for accountability and support recognizes that school performance should be assessed within five overarching categories aligned to ESSA requirements for meaningfully differentiating schools: 1) academic achievement, 2) academic progress, 3) English language proficiency, 4) indicators of school quality that contribute to college and career readiness, and 5) graduation rate. Each indicator is scored based on student outcomes in that area.

In 2019, New Mexico created New Mexico (NM) Vistas, a public website, that displays the applied state accountability model per ESSA requirements. It was developed to help families and others in our communities identify schools that are doing well in relation to their family and the community’s values. The information is used to create a summary score which helps to identify schools that are doing well overall and schools that may need extra support to improve.

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