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Administrative Services Staff

///Administrative Services Staff
Administrative Services Staff 2019-05-03T09:30:18-06:00

Name Phone Email Title
Vacant 505-827-6602 Budget Financial Coordinator
Vacant 505-827-6510 Fiscal Grants Financial Specialist
Carmack, Steve 505-827-6547 Mailroom Business Operational Specialist
Vacant 505-827-6753 Audit Financial Coordinator
Vacant 505-827-4637 Fiscal Grants Financial Coordinator
Dawson, Sandy 505-827-6622 Accounts Payable Supervisor
Vacant 505-827-3893 Fiscal Grants Financial Specialist
Sara Cordova 505-827-6996 Budget Financial Coordinator
Garcia, Grace 505-827-9965 Fiscal Grants Accountant & Auditor
Garcia, Miranda 505-476-0488 Human Resources Manager
VACANT 505-827-5862 Fiscal Grants Financial Coordinator
Lindsay, Jim 505-827-6671 Accounting Financial Coordinator
Lucero, Ann 505-827-4120 Puchasing Agent Supervisor
Lucero, Susan 505-827-3848 Fiscal Grants Bureau Chief
Lujan, Sylvia 505-827-6785 Fiscal Grants Financial Specialist
Maes-Baca, Tina 505-827-6647 Accounting Financial Coordinator
Vacant 505-827-6607 Accounts Payable Business Operational Specialist
Montano, Carlos 505-827-6718 Accounts Payable Accountant & Auditor
Montoya, Chris 505-827-6560 Mailroom Business Operational Specialist
Naranjo, Ben 505-827-6645 Procurement Bureau Chief
Padilla, Valerie 505-827-7353 Fiscal Grants Supervisor
Rael, Marian 505-827-6611 Director of Administrative Services
Rico, Luis 505-476-0198 Human Resources Administrator
VACANT 505-827-6749 Auditing Financial Coordinator
Romero, Lorianne 505-827-5892 Purchasing Agent
Saiz, Amelia “Molly” 505-827-3856 Audit & Accounting Bureau Chief
Sisneros, Diego 505-827-6758 Audit Supervisor
Troelsen, Brenda 505-827-6665 Audit Accountant & Auditor
Valencia, Evelyn 505-827-6617 Accounting Supervisor

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