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High-Dosage and On-Demand Tutoring

///High-Dosage and On-Demand Tutoring
High-Dosage and On-Demand Tutoring 2023-01-24T13:37:05-07:00

The New Mexico Public Education Department is offering a variety of partnerships with Saga Education, The New Teacher Project (TNTP) and Paper to provide FREE tutoring supports in an effort to increase student achievement, decrease student absenteeism, and create more equitable outcomes for our New Mexico students. All of the tutoring supports being offered by the public education department are aimed at closing the achievement gap between our most at-risk students.

High-Dosage Tutoring (HDT) Supports

Research shows that when students are provided at minimum three classroom-aligned sessions per week for at least 45min per session students are 50% more likely to pass their content area courses, experience reduced absenteeism and higher graduation rates, and an increased sense of belonging in their school community.

  • Within this bucket we offer FREE planning and technical support for schools and districts to embed high-dosage tutoring in the school day through a Grow-Your-Own model with Saga Education and The New Teacher Project (TNTP)
    • Are you a district or school that wants to embed HDT into the school day? We can help! Please reach out to:
  • We also offer direct, virtual high-dosage tutoring supports to any student in Math and Language Arts. Tutors are certified teachers, retired teachers, educational assistants, substitutes, college students, military members and college graduates. The student-to-tutor ratio for all sessions is 4:1
    • Spring ’23:
      • Algebra I HDT (flyer): The NMPED has trained tutors to support Algebra I students across New
        Mexico through virtual tutoring sessions. NMPED will manage all aspects of the project to include the planning,
        organizing, scheduling, and management of tutoring sessions.

        • Student Commitment: Each student commits to participating in at least three 45 minute sessions each week for 14 weeks.
        • Time: These sessions are held after school (4-9pm) and on weekends (9am-12pm).
        • Link to sign-up form (EnglishSpanish)
    • Summer ’23:
      • 6th Grade Math HDT (sign-up coming soon!)
      • K-3 Early Literacy HDT (sign-up coming soon!)
    • Want to join the Math Tutoring Corps? Tutors can sign up here

On-Demand Tutoring Supports

The New Mexico Public Education Department is partnering with Paper to launch free 24/7 access to academic support for PreK-8th grade students.

  • This on-demand tutoring service includes:
    • 1:1 live-chat tutoring sessions with subject-matter experts in over 200 subjects and four different languages.
    • Expert review on any written work (essays, creative writing, poetry, lab reports, etc.)
    • Hundreds of resources and activities to help you best support your student(s) at home.
    • Interactive shows and activities to expand learning beyond the classroom.
  • CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW! Eligible students must attend a Title I or Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools
  • Parents that want to learn more about how Paper can support their child can enroll in virtual information sessions beginning in January.
    • English
      • Description: Join a Paper for Parents & Guardians information session. During this 45-minute webinar, the Paper team will provide you with an introduction to the Paper platform, help you learn to navigate the platform with your student, provide resources on ways to get started with Paper at home, and answer your questions.
      • Dates: January 3, 10, 17, 24
      • Time: 6pm
      • Link:
    • Spanish
      • Description: Únase a una sesión informativa de Paper para padres y representantes en español. Durante este webinario de 45 minutos, el equipo de Paper le dará una introducción a la plataforma de Paper, le ayudará a aprender a navegar la plataforma, proporcionará recursos para comenzar con Paper en casa y responderá sus preguntas. 
      • Dates: January 4, 11, 18, 25
      • Time: 6pm
      • Link:
  • Student Eligibility: Eligible students must attend a Title I or Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools
  • Links to informational flyers (EnglishSpanish)
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