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Early Childhood Education

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New Mexico PreK is a voluntary preschool program created by the Pre-Kindergarten Act of 2005. The PreK program is jointly administered by the Public Education Department and the Children, Youth, and Families Department. Children who have reached their 4th birthday by September 1st are eligible to attend a PreK program. The purpose of PreK is to ensure every child in New Mexico has the opportunity to attend a high quality early childhood education program before kindergarten. The purpose of New Mexico PreK is to:

  • Increase access to voluntary high-quality pre-kindergarten programs
  • Provide developmentally appropriate activities for New Mexico children
  • Expand early childhood community capacity
  • Support linguistically and culturally appropriate curriculum
  • Focus on school readiness


La Escuelita Pre-School is part of Bernalillo Public Schools and is verified as a FOCUS Five Star Program

“The Verification Process, for me, was an opportunity to put forth and display the hard work, collaboration, and dedication we all have for the children we serve here at La Escuelita.  It also served as an opportunity for us to learn and grow as a team, and to create an even stronger family of dedicated professionals.  I am thankful for the Verification Team’s feedback, advice, and recognition as a 5 Star Pre-K, and am looking forward to being advocates and role models for other Pre-Schools during their verification process.”  Darlene Gallegos, Teacher


Picture of staff at La Escuelita Preschool

The staff at La Escuelita Pre-School

Shining Stars Preschool is part of Rio Rancho Public Schools and is verified as a FOCUS Five Star Program

Picture of staff of Shining Stars

The staff of Shining Stars Preschool.


The Brown Early Childhood Center is part of Portales Municipal Schools and is verified as a FOCUS Five Star Program

Picture of staff of the Brown Early Childhood Center

The staff of the Brown Early Childhood Center


Books to Support Creativity 2019

Art Process Versus Product 2019

Creativity with Drama and Pretend Play 2019


Phonological Awareness lesson instruction guide

Morning-Afternoon Message 2019

Welcome Songs 2019

1st-2nd-3rd read posters 2019

Large Group Tips 2019

Screen Time at School 2019

Becoming a Writer 2019

Children’s Knowledge of Books 2019

1st-2nd-3rd Read-Engaging Children in a Storybook 2019

Picture Story Word Story 2019


Books to Support Measuring 2019

Measuring 2019

Books to Support Shapes 2019


Books to Support Numbers and Counting 2019

Numbers 2019

Books to Support Sorting and Classifying 2019

Sort/Classify 2019

Spatial Awareness 2019 web


Music 2019

Social-Emotional Skills

Transition Visual Cards – English

Trauma-Informed-Care Pyramid Model (2)

Tucker Turtle Song and Finger Play

Stay-Calm Infographic

Labeling Emotions 2019

Support Children w Conflicts 2019

Teach Friendship Skills 2019

Define Challenging Behaviors 2019

Build Relationships 2019

Re-framing Teacher Talk 2019

Scripted stories for social situations

Turtle technique

Pyramid Solution kit

Teach Social Skills 2019

Teach Problem-Solving 2019

Extend Engagement Attention to Task 2019

Importance of Daily Schedules 2019

Responding to Challenging Behaviors 2019

Social Emotional Development 2019

Tantrums tears and tempers

Transitions 2019

Helping Children with Social and Emotional Disabilities 2019

Transitioning children with challenging behavior to kindergarten

Positive Interactions with Diverse Families

Pyramid Tip Sheet

Information for teachers

Four Steps for Data-Driven Analysis-Self-Reflection 2019

Four Steps for Data Driven Analysis Checklist 2019

Tips for Separation Anxiety 2019

Tips for Home Visits 2019

Family Engagement Requirements 2019

Promote Child Engagement 2019

Family Involvement Ideas 2019

Community Collaboration 2019

Descriptive Feedback 2019

Executive Functioning 2019

Sample Schedule for Half Day Programs 2019

Sample Schedule for Extended Day Programs 2019

ECOT and KOT 2019

Picture Story Word Story 2019

PED Spotlight on the 19-20 BECC PreK Family Handbook(PDF)- A great resource for families in Portales!
Thank you to the Brown Early Childhood Center for giving us permission to post their handbook as an example!

Here is another wonderful exemplar Family Handbook from Las Cruces Public Schools Early Childhood Programs.  

 LCPS Family Handbook 2019-2020.  Thank you Las Cruces for sharing!

Contact Us

Jerry Apodaca Education Building
300 Don Gaspar Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Brenda Kofahl
Director, Early Childhood Bureau
(505) 827-6627

Catherine Quick
Early Childhood Special Education (619) Coordinator
(505) 827-6561

Mary Ellen Dannenberg
Pre-K Program Specialist/Data Coordinator
(505) 827-6516

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