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Teacher Engagement Liaison

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Teacher liaison is a classroom teacher hired by the department to implement and manage the teacher leader development framework as outlined in 6.65.4 NMAC and to maintain direct communication between the department and regionally diverse teachers, providing them with resources and a platform for communication. Technical Assistance

  1. The teacher liaison’s main function shall be to communicate directly with teachers and to manage each of the three teacher leader groups outlined in NMAC.
    1. The teacher liaison shall provide the secretary with support regarding all communication with teachers.
    2. The teacher liaison shall meet with the secretary on a monthly basis, at a minimum, to review key policy areas as defined by ESSA and to plan teacher engagement.
    3. The teacher liaison shall provide direct communication between the department and teachers statewide on a daily basis.
    4. The teacher liaison shall:
      1. share announcements with each of the three teacher leader groups outlined in NMAC;
      2. receive and answer teacher leader questions on various platforms;
      3. connect teacher leaders with department directors and department policymakers for engagement opportunities and sharing of resources;
      4. develop, coordinate, and facilitate content for virtual and in-person trainings to all teacher leader groups outlined in Sections 8 and 9 of 6.65.4 NMAC;
      5. provide quarterly emails to all New Mexico teachers that include updates from the department;
      6. develop and execute content for teacher videos and profiles to be published on the department website;
      7. plan, manage, and communicate information regarding the annual teacher summit.
  2. The teacher liaison shall oversee the recruitment, application process, selection, and execution for the following programs:
    1. school liaisons program;
    2. teacher ambassadors program; and
    3. secretary’s teacher advisory. Requirements For Teacher Leader Development Engagement

Annual teacher summit. An annual teacher summit shall be organized by the department. The teacher liaisons shall be responsible for disseminating communication regarding the event and planning logistics. The department shall collaborate with school liaisons, teacher ambassadors, and the secretary’s teacher advisory to ensure that the teacher summit:

  1. brings together teachers from across the state to learn, collaborate, and celebrate with their peers;
  2. provides training that covers multiple areas of education policy and practice and is led by teachers.
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