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Educator Evaluation

Educator Evaluation 2019-09-11T10:08:57-06:00

The New Mexico Public Education Department is currently engaged in a process to create a new educator effectiveness system. A series of statewide community conversations were recently held to solicit public input on improved ways to measure educator effectiveness and a re-envisioned summative evaluation report for New Mexico educators. At the same time, an Educator Effectiveness Task Force was being formed to implement the public input and make recommendations for a framework for a new educator effectiveness system and summative evaluation report. The newly appointed Educator Effectiveness Task Force will begin meeting in late July. Please visit this page for updates.

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Teacher Evaluation Updates 2019 -20

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Domain 2: Creating an Environment for Learning

Domain 3: Teaching for Learning

Domain 4: Professionalism

Interim Plan for Feedback and Observation Memo

NM Interim Feedback and Observation Plan

The New Mexico Teacher Evaluation Task Force will be convened by the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) in August to support the development of the teacher evaluation transition plan and final report. Members were selected based on a number of considerations, including demographics, area of expertise, and professional role in order to form a Task Force that represents a diverse array of perspectives.  Click here for a listing of Task Force appointees.

Teacher Evaluation Stakeholder Documentation

Teacher Evaluation Transition Memo

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