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Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

As announced in the PED Reentry Guide, all schools will begin the school year in a hybrid model of instruction for the 2020-21 school year. We believe that our educators, students, and communities can face this challenge but will need supports and tools to do so. The PED’s recent acquisition of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is one way to support remote learning during these unprecedented times. The use of Canvas technology is one way to support remote learning, where the student is able to be provided a learning opportunity from an educator who may be in a different location.

The Canvas LMS is designed to be an all-inclusive platform that provides a space for teachers to create and organize content, students to access coursework and grades and parents to track assignments and student performance. Reporting, resource-sharing, discussion, feedback, grading, and content creation are teaching and learning activities supported by the LMS. However, the LMS is not a cure-all and it does not replace the teacher. A teacher must still create, deliver, and manage their content—just as they do in the physical classroom.

As PED embarks on the implementation of Canvas, a group of local experts have been called into action. These External LMS Advisory Team (ELMSAT) members, recognize that there will be far too many ambitious demands and desires regarding the LMS and a limited amount of time and resources to do everything in the immediate now. The ELMSAT will help guide PED by putting forth a series of recommendations for successful statewide LMS implementation.

Digital Distance
Learning Recommendations

PED and Instructure are happy to announce that Canvas has been selected as the statewide, PED provided Learning Management System.


3 Steps to Success

For a successful transition into digital learning with Canvas, follow the 3 steps below, in order.

Step 1: Software SystemsStep 2: Digital ContentStep 3: Professional Development

Sign up for the 2020 – 2021 school year fall implementation!

An LMS implementation form was sent out on July 2nd to gather information about your participation with the NMPED Canvas LMS. All participants of the implementation form will be contacted for further on-boarding instructions. If you did not receive a link to the implementation form or wish to register you may click the registration form link below.

NMPED’s LMS Implementation Form


Self-guided implementations allow organizations to make Canvas available to their faculty and students in 6 weeks or less. This approach uses a Canvas course to provide a proven model and guidance for configuring and rolling out Canvas, based on years of experience working with successful customers.

Assistance will be provided by both Canvas Support Staff and PED upon rollout of the LMS.

Self-Guided Implementation Overview


This FAQ will address questions most commonly asked.

The PED Canvas platform is available at no cost to all local education agencies.

The use of Canvas is not required but optional to all local education agencies.

If an LEA has not already completed the LMS Onboarding form, they are required to do so. This implementation form is the first step. Upon completing the form, a Canvas technical team will reach out to you. LEAs who have already completed the form will start their canvas supported onboard on Monday, July 20, 2020.

Yes! We are excited to share it has several features that teachers and students can use to manage video content. See the official Canvas Studio FAQ for more information.

Great question! You can read the Self-Guided Implementation Overview or view the Quick Links section below for more useful resources.

Yes. This helps us with a solid count of Canvas implementation sites. Additionally, PED is excited about partnering with you on Canvas provided content and learning from your local Canvas experience!

Yes. However, depending on your local needs, PED recommends your LEA team to have conversation with the Canvas technology support team to consider how long this conversion or transfer might take. Your LEA should consider the length and effort required for this process relative to your site’s start of school year.

Yes. PED is working to make available high-quality open education resource (OERs) including EngageNY (K-12) in Math and ELA and Illustrative Mathematics (grades 6-High School). In the weeks and months to come, PED will be working with New Mexico LEAs to vet, improve upon, and arrange the lessons and content. Each LEA can arrange and modify the PED provided content so it fits your local scope and sequence and local context.

Yes. LEAs still have control of their local curriculum. We would encourage LEAs to establish their own vetting processes; to assist with this, PED is working with the ELMSAT to identify best practices and resources.

The External LMS Advisory Team (ELMSAT) is a committed team of New Mexico educators that represent variety of professional knowledge and experiences (e.g, Universal Design, Career & Technical Ed, online instruction) with a passion for online learning. This group will continue to change as the needs of our state’s LMS evolve. This group is tasked with providing recommendations to NM-PED.


  • Joshua Silver, ELMSAT Chair, Chief Technology Officer, Las Cruces Public Schools
  • Shannon Aguilar, Principal, Cottonwood Valley Charter Socorro
  • Whitney Anderson, Ed.D, Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Innovation, Alamogordo Public Schools
  • Michelle Ballard, College and Career Readiness Coordinator, Gadsden Independent School District
  • Aaron Jaramillo, Senior Director of Educational Technology, Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Cindy Kleyn-Kennedy, District Instructional Technology Coordinator, Clovis Municipal Schools
  • Dusty Loftis, Assistant Principal, Jal High School
  • Janea Menicucci, Executive Director of Information Technology, Explore Academy
  • Kenneth Moore, Ed.D, Principal, Alamogordo High School
  • Donna Navarette, Ph.D, Executive Director of Data and Accountability/Federal Programs, Cuba Independent School District

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