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Learning Management System

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NM’s Learning Management System (LMS)

In the summer of 2020, the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) pursued an emergency procurement plan to acquire Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) as a statewide LMS option for all districts and schools in New Mexico. This contract provides Canvas and all additional, premium features and benefits to all New Mexico schools. While the use of Canvas is not required, it is highly encouraged. Even if LEAs choose to not use Canvas with their students, the NMPED is using Canvas for all PED-created professional development and will potentially use it for all school and district personnel evaluations in the future.

Why Use Canvas

  • Free to all NM schools
  • The Canvas Platform offers:
    • A high-functioning and user-friendly interface for learning and assessment – whether fully online, blended or flipped.
    • Equity of learning through accessibility protocols and tools
    • Easy learning on the go with Canvas mobile apps for Students, Parents and Teachers
    • Valid, reliable assessment content
    • Flexible and engaging curriculum, assessment, and communication tools
    • PD delivery tools
    • Robust reporting and analytics
    • and more!

Currently, all districts and schools who have signed up/will sign up for Canvas get to take advantage of some extraordinary extra benefits as part of the NM Canvas Consortium! Just in case you missed it, here is the Power of Canvas webinar from this past fall with the slide deck below:

The NM Canvas Initiative reaches far beyond traditional use of Canvas with students into other uses such as: professional development from the NMPED; organizing, vetting, and/or sharing of digital content; professional learning communities; conferences; evaluation; and more! The NMPED discussed its strategic vision and goals for Canvas and wrote them in specific success measures. The NMPED has been working hard to meet all of them and you can see the progress below. These success measures will be updated after Spring 2021 for the next school year.

Check out these exciting Canvas stats for New Mexico from August 2020 – January 2021!

LEA Canvas usage

  • 98 LEAs have signed up to use Canvas
  • 38 of those LEAs are currently implemented
  • 142,062 total local courses created in Canvas
  • 29,639 total local active courses in Canvas
  • 90,302 NM students enrolled locally in Canvas courses
  • 10,968 teachers enrolled locally in canvas course

NMPED Canvas usage

  • 33 unique PD courses created for educators
  • 18,437 unique educators enrolled in NMPED Canvas instance
  • 20,165 educators have enrolled in PD in Canvas
  • 97% of LEAs have accessed PD in Canvas
  • 1,433 educators have attended live Canvas webinars/workshops
  • 11,646 badges have been awarded to NM educators for PD
  • All 5 NMPED Deputy Secretary Divisions have initiated Canvas usage
  • Assessment Conference took place in January and served 1,337 educators
  • A pilot is underway for Elevate NM in Canvas with 421 educators from 12 schools in 5 LEAs participating.

The NMPED works closely with the ELMSAT (Advisory Team) to 1) review progress, 2) discuss ideas, needs, and concerns, and 3) posit recommendations for future goals and success measures for the State of New Mexico.

Page last updated July 19, 2021