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Canvas Training & PD

Canvas Training & PD 2021-12-30T02:14:12-07:00

With any new initiative or program, whether technology-related or not, ongoing, relevant, and meaningful training and professional development is critical to its success. How many times have you experienced something “new” to only have it fail due to lack of commitment? With the NMPED + Canvas partnership and under the state contract, each district and/or school receives the appropriate training and professional development that it needs/wants. There are so many different opportunities available regardless of your prior knowledge and/or experience with Canvas! Click on the different options below to learn more.

Available via the Canvas Training Services Portal

There are over 50 different video tutorials available on a large variety of topics. Videos are short with most between 5-10 minutes.

Available via the Canvas Training Services Portal

Self-Paced Courses are listed according to themes. Each course estimates time to complete. Examples of Self-Paced Courses include:

  • SIS Integration for Canvas Admins
  • SIS Integration for Canvas Teachers
  • Strategies for Non-Readers in K-2
  • Apps and External Tools for K-2
  • Assignments for K-2 Teachers
  • Home Pages, Buttons, and Modules… Oh My!
  • Engaging Learners
  • Canvas Course Evaluations & Accessibility
  • Best Practices for Course Design
  • Data in Canvas
  • Canvas at the School or District Level
  • Canvas Overview for Admins
  • Providing Feedback with Google Assignments
  • Creating Canvas Assignments with Google
  • Embedding Content using Google LTI 1.3
  • Overview of Google Assignments LTI 1.3
  • New Quizzes
  • K12 New Quizzes
  • The Canvas Teacher App
  • Grading and Feedback
  • …and many more!

Available via the Canvas Training Services Portal

Learning Pathways are multiple courses related to a theme. Examples of Learning Pathways include:

  • Preparing to Launch
  • K-12 First Day Ready
  • Canvas for Young Learners (K-2)
  • Course Design & Accessibility
  • Canvas for School & District Leadership
  • Templates & Sharing
  • Canvas + Microsoft Office Integration
  • Canvas + Google Integration
  • Setting up Your K-12 Instance

Available via the Canvas Training Services Portal

Find the Learning Calendar to participate in live webinars, facilitated by Canvas Trainers (scroll down on this guide to see specific instructions on how to view the training calendar and register for live webinars). These sessions cover the entire breadth of what is available on Canvas in small, hands-on sessions. Webinar participants receive a “Resource Document” to help them apply what they learn in the Webinar and can receive a Badge for each webinar. Canvas Trainers recommend the following webinars as “key”:

  • Assignments
  • Content Pages
  • Leveraging Modules
  • Course Communication Tools
  • Course Settings and Sharing
  • Home Pages
  • Quiz Basics/Creating Assessments with New Quizzes
  • Managing Quizzes/Managing Assessments with New Quizzes
  • Mobile Apps: Teacher App
  • Speedgrader and Gradebook

After registering for a webinar training, an email confirmation is delivered along with a Google/Outlook calendar invite. This email includes a link to access the live webinar training.

As part of the state contract, hundreds of training hours were purchased to ensure that any/all Canvas users received tailored training to meet their needs. To equitably and meaningfully utilize the training hours purchased by New Mexico within the required timeline, NM LEAs who have already implemented Canvas or are almost implemented have dedicated hours for their own use. The allocation of hours is based on LMS experience (beginning users are prioritized) and size of each LEA. It is up to each LEA as to how their hours are used. Each LEA must schedule these hours by July 31, 2021.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that there may be many LEAs who decide to pursue Canvas for the 21/22 school year and they will need to be adequately trained and prepared in time for the school year. As such, we have built in hours for those latecomers this summer, right before the new school year (specific dates TBD).

Lastly, we want to make sure that all Canvas Admins are adequately trained. There will be at least one full day of training for all NM Canvas Admins.

Click here or the full Canvas Training Plan. Customized training and/or PD will be scheduled/communicated by your district/school Canvas lead to your dedicated Canvas Principal Learning Consultant

Training sessions with an official Canvas Trainer significantly increase the success of your Canvas implementation! Canvas Trainers are educators and Canvas Experts, therefore they can do more than “buttonology” by helping teachers understand the application of the tool and the potential it has to help them in the classroom. With COVID travel protocols still in place, your training will be delivered remotely over Zoom. Your Canvas trainer(s) will provide you with links and information that will help your training session(s) be successful. When COVID protocols are lifted, Canvas trainers will be able to travel and deliver in-person training sessions. At this point in time no Onsite training will be scheduled before July 2021.

Under the state contract, training hours were purchased to ensure that all teachers had a multitude of training options on how to best utilize and integrate Canvas into their classrooms. A plan was created to best utilize those hours with LEAs who were already implemented and then leave a reminder for statewide training.

As statewide Canvas training and professional development opportunities arise, they will be listed in the NMPED Canvas Catalog. Make sure to bookmark and check back frequently!

There is no shortage of additional resources either! Check out these awesome supporting materials:

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