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Non-Public Schools

Non-Public Schools 2023-10-13T08:10:05-06:00

Per (D) NMAC, the Public Education Department maintains a list of all nonpublic schools in the state and the list must include the school name, mailing and email addresses, name of the Head Administrator, phone number, and accrediting entity.  Nonpublic schools accredited by educational accrediting agencies identified in rule, or since approved by the Division, shall be deemed to be acknowledged by the Department unless the accrediting entity’s accreditation status is suspended, limited, or terminated by the Department or unless the schools’ accreditation status is suspended, limited, or terminated by its own accrediting entity.

The Accredited Non-Public Schools List is intended to provide information to parents and families as they consider educational options for their children.

Accrediting Agencies Recognized by the NMPED updated 2023* (in google sheets format)

Accredited Non-Public Schools List (in google sheets) with school name, geographic school district location, address, name of Head Administrator, phone, website, and accrediting agency

Accredited Non-Public Schools List (in google sheets format) with the information in the Directory plus additional details; can be sorted

Private and BIE Schools -Instructional Materials

*Accrediting Agencies not currently on the list may submit a written request to have their accrediting status in New Mexico be acknowledged by NMPED.  To do so, the agency must submit a formal proposal to with the following information as required per (F) NMAC:

  1. The accrediting entity’s ability to evaluate a school under set, rigorous standards;
  2. Evidence that the accreditation standards are based primarily on research and factors that facilitate student academic achievement;
  3. The entity’s experience outside the state of New Mexico, if any, in accrediting nonpublic schools;
  4. The willingness to share its research data, academic standards and school-specific accreditation reports with the division;
  5. Explain the use of peer evaluation and periodic site visits to assess whether a nonpublic school meets that entity’s standards and continues to meet those standards;
  6. Describe the collection of documentation used to verify that a nonpublic school meets and continues to meet that entity’s standards; and
  7. Confirm the entity’s authority to suspend, limit or terminate its accreditation of a nonpublic school.


Page last updated October 13, 2023