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We Need You (To Be a Substitute Teacher)!

/We Need You (To Be a Substitute Teacher)!
We Need You (To Be a Substitute Teacher)! 2022-07-13T13:52:14-06:00

We Need You (To Be a Substitute Teacher)!

Step up now: Supporting Teachers and Families

Our students need you! New Mexico is experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers. We need New Mexicans to step up and support our teachers and students! Stepping up means that schools can maintain in-person instruction, which we know is the best option for our students.

We’ve launched Supporting Teachers and Families (STAF) to make sure the application process is smooth for potential substitutes, and that schools and districts can have access to the support they need. You’ll find all the information here that you need to become a substitute teacher today.


If you are 18 years and older, and have a high school diploma or equivalent, you are eligible to apply!


Just fill out the application! You’ll need to start with a background check, and then click on apply below.

Directions to apply

Process for Substituting in a Child Care Facility

  1. Get agency approval
    • Skip this step if you have already received approval
    • Check in with your agency’s HR office for a request form
  2. Apply to work as a substitute in a Child Care Facility

Process for PreK-12 Substitute License

  1. Get agency approval
    • Skip this step if you have already received approval
    • Check in with your agency’s HR office for a request form
  2. Apply for licensure
  3. Register for background checks
  4. Complete the “Universal Substitute Application
    • You will need a resume
  5. Complete the Online Substitute Training
    • Training is offered online and at your own pace
  6. Report completed licensure and volunteer school districts
    • This step is completed once you receive your substitute license

Top 5 reasons to participate in Supporting Teachers and Families

1. Make a Difference

Many schools in New Mexico are having to shift to remote learning because of the increasing numbers of staff testing positive for COVID-19, which requires them to quarantine for five days regardless of symptoms. This shortage is causing schools to have to return to remote learning due to a lack of teachers, substitute teachers, or other employees. Increasing the number of substitutes will ensure schools can remain open for in-person learning and that students have the supports they need.

2. Flexible Schedule

You get to choose your own schedule. Schools will reach out when they have a need, and you decide when you’re available.

3. Get a Glimpse Into Classroom Life

Have you ever been curious about classroom life? Substitute teaching allows you to see what it’s like in the classroom. Who knows; you might even decide to become a teacher!

4. Get the Training You Need

The Strategies and Practices for Substitute Teacher Success course is a self-paced training that is offered by the NMPED Curriculum & Instruction Division. This course is designed to help provide strategies and best practices in fulfilling the responsibilities of a substitute teacher who is reporting to a job assignment in a district or charter school across the state. Participants who successfully complete all components of the course will earn a certificate of completion, which can be submitted to district management. Instructions for enrolling in the course are available here.

5. Maintain Your Skills

Spending time in classrooms allows you to hone your skills in public speaking, classroom management, and organization. You’ll also expand your knowledge in various subject areas, depending on the classroom or setting.

It’s Easy to Apply

Just follow these directions.


FAQ coming soon!

Contact information for support and assistance:
Jenna Jaquez

Questions on the application process?
Judith Barraza 505-795-1768 or

Questions on the background process?
Stephanie Lujan 505-231-4443 or

Page last updated July 13, 2022