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DLM Instructionally Embedded Assessment Benefits

////DLM Instructionally Embedded Assessment Benefits
DLM Instructionally Embedded Assessment Benefits 2023-07-26T14:50:51-06:00

NM DLM offers an optional Instructionally Embedded assessment each year in New Mexico. The test window opens in the fall each year. This year in New Mexico it will open 9/11/2023 to 2/23/2024. 

There are many advantages to utilizing the Instructionally Embedded assessment which can instructionally  benefit educators and students with most significant cognitive disabilities. Below is a list of benefits of using this optional tool.

  1. By utilizing the DLM Instructionally Embedded Assessment, both teachers and students are familiarized with the DLM Assessment.
  2. Allows teachers to choose Essential Elements for instruction based on blueprint guidelines.
  3. The linkage level for each testlet is based on student needs determined initially from the First Contact Survey.
  4. Teachers have the flexibility to select different levels of instruction.
  5. Instructionally Embedded assessments can be taken any time during the assessment window. 
  6. The Instructionally Embedded Assessment is an individual assessment rather than a group assessment where the class takes the same test at the same time.
  7. The Instructionally Embedded Assessment can be administered with more flexibility and not dependent upon the assessment window deadlines.
  8. Instructionally Embedded assessments identify student’s knowledge, skills, and understanding relative to grade-level targets.
  9. Instructionally Embedded Assessment reports can be used to evaluate if additional instruction is needed for the student.
  10. IE assessments can determine if a student is ready to move on to another linkage level or Essential Element.
  11. Educators are required to input the First Contact Survey by the state deadline (November 15, 2023). When the Instructionally Embedded Assessments are used, the First Contact Survey is completed well in advance of the November input deadline and state testing deadlines.


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