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Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts 2023-11-09T08:32:25-07:00


Assessment Help Desk(505) 827-5861ped.assessment@ped.nm.govHelp & Support
General Questions
Lynn Vásquez(505) 469-8967lynn.vasquez@ped.nm.govDirector of Assessment
Assessment Policy & Program Oversight
USED Peer Review Requirements
Demonstration of Competency for Graduation
AAAC & TAC Management
Assessment of Science Readiness (ASR)
Leoneil Tulabing(505) 409-1538leoneil.tulabing@ped.nm.govNational Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) State Coordinator
Omran Akasha, PhD(505) 629-9783omran.akasha@ped.nm.govACCESS & Avant Assessment Coordinator
Avant Stamp
English Language Testing Waivers & ACCESS Domain Exemptions
Gina Corliss(505) 396-1987gina.corliss@ped.nm.govNew Mexico Assessment of Science Readiness (NM-ASR) Assessment Coordinator
Jessica Montoya(505) 467-9153jessica.montoya@ped.nm.govMSSA, SBA & ISIP Assessment CoordinatorMeasures of Student Success & Achievement (MSSA)Spanish Standards Based Assessment (SBA)Istation’s ISIP
Axel Hernandez(505) 629-3785axel.hernandez@ped.nm.govCognia Assessment SpecialistInterim Measures of Student Success & Achievement (iMSSA)Formative item sets for Math, ELA, & ScienceCanvas DTC Workspace & DTC Training Support
Margenia Davisped.assessment@ped.nm.govmargenia.davis@ped.nm.govDynamic Learning Maps Assessment Coordinator
State Accommodations Manual & Policies
Medical Exemptions & Non-Standard Accommodations Request
Kate Morlock(314) 440-4708kate.morlock@ped.nm.govCollege Board Assessment Coordinator
SAT School Day
Off-Grade Testing Waivers
Vanessa Gurule(505) 660-1560vanessa.gurule@ped.nm.govAdministrative & Business Operations Coordinator
Superintendent DTC Designation Forms & New DTC Registration

Other Assessment Contacts

Casandra Carrazco(505) 709-5335casandra.carrazco@ececd.nm.govSchool-based Pre-K Specialist
(Pre-K ECOT Questions)
Severo Martinez(505) 827-6567severo.martinez@ped.nm.govDirector, Literacy and Humanities
(Dyslexia Screener and KOT Policy-related Questions)
Kirsi Laine(505) 827-6505kirsi.laine@ped.nm.govDeputy Director Language and Culture Division
(AVANT STAMP, EL Policy Questions)
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