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Our mission is to positively impact student learning by ensuring the development and administration of valid and reliable assessments that:

  • Measure the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction
  • Include data systems and structures that provide students, teachers, administrators and stakeholders with the information needed to make informed decisions
  • Produce a measure indicating progress towards readiness for college and career
  • Uphold the belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels
  • Hold schools and the PED accountable to create equitable opportunities for students

New Mexico assessments meet state and federal requirements for Title I, Title II, and Title III. These assessments are used for a variety of accountability measures.

New Mexico’s Balanced Assessment System

I am interested in…

Parent/Guardian/Student Resources

  • What is New Mexico’s Balanced Assessment System?
  • How are assessment results used?
  • Which assessments will my child take?

Educator Resources

  • Which assessments are required?
  • What do I need to know about assessing students with the most significant cognitive disabilities?
  • How can I best prepare my students?

District Test Coordinator Resources

  • When are important dates for assessments?
  • What training materials are available?
  • Which assessments should be assigned to students?

Assessment Literacy Resources

  • What is the role and purpose of assessments?
  • Who are the primary users of the statewide assessment system?
  • How is the assessment data used?

State Assessments

  • How can I find info on state assessments?

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