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The afterschool snack component of the National School Lunch Program is a federally assisted snack service that fills the afternoon hunger gap for school children. The snack service is administered at the Federal level by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service. At the State level, it is administered by State agencies, which operate the snack service through agreements with local school food authorities (SFAs). SFAs are ultimately responsible for the administration of the snack service.

The NSLP Afterschool Snack offers cash reimbursement to help SFAs provide a nutritional boost to children enrolled in afterschool activities. Participating SFAs receive cash subsidies from the USDA for each reimbursable snack they serve (up to one reimbursement per participant per day). In return, they must serve snacks that meet Federal requirements and must offer free or reduced price snacks to eligible children.

In order for the afterschool care program to be eligible, is must provide organized, regularly scheduled activities in a structured and supervised environment, including an educational or enrichment activity. Examples of eligible activities include homework assistance, tutoring, supervised “drop-in” athletic programs, extended day programs, drama activities, and arts and crafts programs. Organized interscholastic programs or community-level competitive sports are not eligible to participate.


After School Snack Monitoring Form

Quarterly Report

Afterschool Snack Program Production Record

Afterschool Snack Program Claims Worksheet

Afterschool Snack Program Daily Meal Count

Afterschool Snack Program Fact Sheet

Afterschool Snack Program Meal Pattern

USDA Afterschool Snack Program Website

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