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Farm to School encompasses efforts that bring local or regionally produced foods into school cafeterias and classrooms; hands on learning activities such as school gardening, farm visits, and culinary classes; and the integration of food-related education into classroom curriculum. Farm to School promotes the health of children, farms and communities by connecting schools to local farms that supply nutritious, fresh, and minimally processed foods. There are a number of ways schools can implement Farm to School programs. Research has shown that the most beneficial impacts occur through the implementation of comprehensive Farm to School programs. However, impacts are seen at all levels of farm to school implementation, and even the smallest efforts can be a catalyst towards the broader movement. Comprehensive programs contain elements of strong local procurement, nutrition and agricultural education, hands-on learning, and school gardens, but even beginning foundational programs are considered farm to school programs.

New Mexico Grown Week 2019

School/District Registration

Farmer Lesson Plan

Tasting Lesson Plan Apples

Tasting Lesson Plan Melons


Poster for CafeteriaNew Mexico Grown FlyerIm Local

USDA Farm to School Guidance

Farm to School and School Garden Expenses Memo

Child Nutrition Programs and Traditional Foods Memo

Geographic Preference Memo


Farm to School Resources

New Mexico Grown Farm to School Program


New Mexico Grown Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Grant Program

Allocation Announcement SY 19-20

Allocation Announcement SY 2019

New Mexico Grown Extension Request

Tracking Spreadsheet

Request for Application SY1819

2016-2017 School Year Brochure


Farm to School Promotional Materials

Farm to School Seasonality Poster for Schools and SFAs


Local Purchasing Tools for School Food Authorities

Grower List SY 2019

Farm to School Specifications Sheet

Purchasing Checklist for New SFAs


Procurement Tools for School Food Authorities

Farm to School Planning Kit

Farm to School Fact Sheet Decision Tree

USDA Geographic Preference

Informal Procurement Method Worksheet

Native Farm to School Resource Guide


School Gardens

Getting Started-Slow Food Garden Manual

Getting Started- Garden as a Classroom Manual

Getting Started- Arizona Gardens for Learning Manual

Suggested Curriculum- APS School Garden Manual

Suggested Curriculum- Ag in the Classroom Agricultura Module




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