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Renewing charter schools have the option to seek renewal from either their local chartering authority (district) or the PEC as the state chartering authority. All renewal applications must be submitted by October 1, 2020, to the charter school’s selected chartering authority. In accordance with Subsection A of NMAC, the chartering authority must then rule in a public meeting on the renewal of the application no later than January 1, 2021.

The PEC developed its state charter renewal application kit to assist charter schools in the development of their renewal applications to the PEC.

If you are intending to renew with a district authorizer, you should check with the district on the forms and process that they require.

The PEC’s renewal application is divided into six parts: Part A: Your School’s Summary Data Report and Current Charter Contract; Part B: Progress Report, Part C: Financial Statement; Part D: Petitions of Support; Part E: Description of the Charter School Facilities; and Part F: Amendment Requests. These sections address the requirements of NMSA 1978 § 22-8B-12(J) and are intended to provide the PEC the information necessary to determine if the school’s past performance supports renewal of the charter.

Section 22-8B-12(K) NMSA 1978 provides that a charter may be not renewed if the chartering authority determined the school (1) committed a material violation of any of the conditions, standards or procedures set forth in the charter contract; (2) failed to meet or make substantial progress toward achievement of the department’s standards of excellence or student performance standards identified in the charter contract; (3) failed to meet generally accepted standards of fiscal management; or (4) violated any provision of law from which the charter school was not specifically exempted.

Renewal Application Training

Training sessions are offered to help applicant teams as they prepare to submit an application to renew as a charter school.  Please see the Training Opportunities page ‎ for dates.

2020 PEC Renewal Application Kit

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