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Renewal Application 2024-02-28T10:29:45-07:00

Charter schools in the final year of their contract have the option to seek renewal from either their local chartering authority (district) or the Public Education Commission (PEC) as the state chartering authority. 

All renewal applications must be submitted to the selected chartering authority by the first business day in October. Charter renewal applications should be submitted by email to The chartering authority must then rule in a public meeting on the renewal of the application no later than January 1.

Section of the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) establishes the process for schools applying for renewal with the PEC.

The PEC developed its state charter renewal application kit to assist charter schools in the development of their renewal applications to the PEC. Schools intending to renew with a district authorizer should check with the district on the forms and process that they require.

2023-24 Renewal Site Visit Protocol


Charter Renewal Application Instructions

Charter Renewal Application Part B

Charter Renewal Application Part C

Charter Renewal Application Part D

Charter Renewal Application Part E

Charter Renewal Application Part F

Charter Renewal Applications Submitted in Prior Years

Renewal Application Training

Training sessions are offered to help applicant teams as they prepare to submit an application to renew as a charter school.  Please see the Trainings Offered page ‎ for dates.


Page last updated February 28, 2024