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Applicants for new charter schools have the option to seek initial approval from either their local chartering authority (district) or the PEC as the state chartering authority. Notices of Intent are due  no later than the second Tuesday in January of the year the application will be filed. Applications are due according to the chartering authority’s deadlines, but must be submitted no later than July 1 annually. Chartering authorities must decide whether to approve or deny the application by September 1 annually.

Notice of Intent (NOI)

According to NMSA § 22-8B-6(B), a Notice of Intent to Submit a Charter Application (NOI) must be filed by the organizers of a proposed charter school to the Public Education Commission AND to the Superintendent of the school district in which the charter school is proposed to be located. This NOI must be filed with the PED Charter School Division (CSD) no later than the second Tuesday in January of the year the application will be filed. Failure to file this NOI may result in the new charter school application being rejected. The PEC and PED’s Notice of Intent form is available at this link:

  • Public Education Commission (PEC) Notice of Intent (NOI) Form (COMING SOON)
    NOTE: A local district may accept or even require a different form for the NOI.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the local district to determine if the PEC NOI form is acceptable to the local authorizer.
  • Notices of Intent submitted – 2023

New Charter School Applicant Training

Training sessions are offered to prepare candidates for the application submission process.  These are generally offered monthly from January through April.  Please see the Trainings Offered page ‎ for dates.

2023 New Charter School Application





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