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About NM Community Schools 2023-09-19T10:34:58-06:00

Community schools are a whole child, comprehensive strategy to transform schools into places where educators, local community members, families, and students work together to strengthen conditions for student learning and healthy development. As partners, they organize in-and-out of school resources, supports, and opportunities so that young people thrive. The New Mexico CS model closely follows research and up-to-date data on outcomes for CS and supports the full CS strategy and the 6 Key Practices.

There are currently 91 community schools with grant funding from NMPED. Including CS without this funding, there are an estimated 150 CS throughout NM. The NMPED CS team supports all of these community schools and all public schools (including charter schools) that wish to become a community school to support the whole child.

“Meeting the needs of the whole child is essential to help America’s students grow academically and improve their well-being. That’s why the President is committed to increasing and supporting the adoption of community school models across the country. Full-Service Community Schools leverage local non-profit, private sector, and public partnerships to bring wraparound services into school buildings, such as health services, and assistance with shelter and nutrition. Research has shown that these schools contribute to increased student attendance, on-time grade progression, and high school graduation. Because of the President’s commitment to this model, federal funding for this model has increased five-fold over the course of this Administration. While the program supported 170 schools before 2021, it is now reaching more than 1,700 schools serving almost 800,000 students. Additionally, agencies across the federal government have also identified the ways that additional resources can support the expansion of this model and further integrate wraparound supports into our schools.”

Source: FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Highlights Efforts to Support K-12 Education as Students go Back-to-School | U.S. Department of Education

Page last updated September 19, 2023