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About Community Schools in NM

About NM Community Schools

NM Community School Statute


NM Community School Grants




Grant Guidance

SY23-24 CS Calendar

Grant Resources

NMPED Community School Award Lists

Q&A for Grants

Contact Us

NMPED Community School Readiness

SY 24-25 CS Grant Application Information & Timeline

Community Schools Budget

Budget Guidance

Budget Adjustment Request (BAR)

Grant Pre-Approval Justification Form

Fiscal Q&A

SY23-24 CS Calendar

Financial Resources

Spring Budget Presentation 2023

Contact Fiscal Team

NM Community School Statute

Technical Assistance

Community School Quality Management Coordinators (QMC)

Peer Mentoring

CS Conference

Community School Strategy

CS Strategy

6 Key Practices

Support Resources


CS Newsletter

CS library

Update CS Contact Info

Community Navigator Pilot

CS Farm to School Initiative

SY23-24 CS Calendar

Community Schools Evaluation

About Evaluation

Evaluation Reports

Meet the Team


NM Coalition for Community Schools

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