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Collaborative Leadership, Shared Power and Voice

Collaborative Leadership, Shared Power and Voice 2023-08-16T22:26:09-06:00

Key Practice 2

Collaborative leadership, shared power and voice is the inclusion of stakeholders in shared decision making about a CS shared vision, goals and creating participatory practices for distributing responsibilities and leveraging the collective expertise of all participants. This site based leadership team (SBLT) co-create a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared responsibility as they make decisions together. Collaborative leadership, shared power and voice provides the relational “glue” that connects and reinforces the other Key Practices, making it foundational and critical for the success of a community school strategy. Such collaborative efforts necessitate honest conversations around identity, power, and turf and can build pride and power among traditionally marginalized communities. Collaborative leadership creates sustainable and humane community school workplaces for CS students, staff and educators

“CS 101” Community Meeting

Site-Based Leadership Team

CS Coordinator

CS Principal

Asset and Needs Assessment

Root Cause Analysis

CS Strategic Plan

Continuous improvement

Financial Sustainability Plan

Systemic Sustainability

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