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Community School Coordinator 2023-09-21T09:06:22-06:00

Community school coordinator: facilitates alignment of school, family and community resources. CS Coordinator facilitates joint planning with principal and school leadership team; recruitment, facilitation, and convening of partners; collaboration with school staff; facilitate regular partner meetings; data use to determine services and program needs and gaps and recruit partners to fill gaps. Facilitates close communication among the principal, teachers, other school staff, and community partners and records of conversations and meetings between coordinator and team members that include interventions and changes in practice. Regularly scheduled meetings between the principal and coordinator. Facilitates school and partnership data collection, sharing, and analysis. Coordinator facilitates data sharing agreements between school and partners. Data are reviewed regularly by the Site Leadership Team and partners. Coordinator is trained in the use of appropriate data collection and analysis.

Sample Job Description for the Community Schools Coordinator Position

This sample job description is not a requirement for district adoption. This sample was taken from national best practice for the CS Coordinator position. The specifics and details should be collaboratively decided at the district level that would be best for the individual schools.

Community School Coordinator Handout

Page last updated September 21, 2023