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Expanded, culturally enriched learning opportunities

Expanded, culturally enriched learning opportunities 2023-06-22T09:41:33-06:00

Key Practice 3

Expanded, culturally enriched learning time and opportunities encourages agency, taps into students’ strengths and interests, assists students in feeling safe, and promotes academic success. These opportunities are essential to schools’ capacity to support students’ academic growth, develop socially, emotionally and physically and explore their passions, dive deeper into the application of academic content and strengthen their knowledge and skills.These opportunities can accelerate learning and reduce opportunity gaps between what students from low-income families and their peers from middle- and upper-income families experience during out-of-school hours. Opportunities are more impactful when they incorporate deeper learning practices that engage youth in meaningful content that is culturally enriching and is connected to students’ lives outside of school.

Out-of-School Time

Extended Learning Time

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