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K-12 Plus Program (K12+)

K-12 Plus Program (K12+) 2024-01-22T17:10:12-07:00
K12+ Guidance and Manual

The K-12 Plus Program is an optional program that seeks to increase the amount of time students are learning, especially for the purposes of improving academic achievement and test scores, or reducing learning loss, and achievement gaps.

This program was created in the 2023 Legislative session with the passage of HB130, which was signed by Governor Lujan Grisham on March 17, 2023. The bill increased the amount of minimum required instructional hours to 1,140 for all grade levels in New Mexico, repealed the K-5 Plus, Extended Learning Time Program (ELTP), and the K-12 Plus Grant Program. These were replaced by the K-12 Plus (K12+) Program, and optional program that provides additional funding through the state equalization guarantee (SEG) funding for districts that expand the school year to beyond 180 days for districts and charters that operate a 5-day per week calendar, and beyond 155 days for 4-day per week districts and charters. There is even greater reimbursement for schools and districts that adopt a calendar beyond 190 days (5-day week) and 165 days (4-day week).

As you consider whether to participate in K12+, please note that our experience with the K-5 Plus and Extended Learning Time Programs has shown that extended school years are most successful when there is a consensus built with staff, parents, the community, and students as to what the new school year will look like and what will be done with the extra time. This is best decided on the local level, and we encourage districts and charters to create a plan that works best for your student population and meets their needs.

Because K12+ is not grant funded, there is no application process, just the submission of the school calendar to the School Budget Bureau during the regular budget process. If the calendar is verified, the district or charter will receive the funding.

K-12 Plus Program Tier 1K-12 Plus Program Tier 2
CalendarDaysProgram UnitsCalendarDaysProgram Units
5-day week>=181 <=190MEM * 0.012 * days5-day week>=191 <=205MEM * 0.016 * days
4-day week>=156 <=1654-day week>=166 <=175
HB130 – K-12 Plus Program

Minimum Instructional Hours

While participation in K12+ is optional, the minimum instructional hour requirement is mandatory. One of the changes to the instructional hour requirement, in addition to raising it to 1,140 for all grade levels in New Mexico, is that districts and charters can now count 60 hours of professional work hours at elementary schools, and 30 hours of professional work hours at secondary schools, toward the total number of instructional hours in order to meet the 1,140-hour minimum. However, those hours cannot be counted toward the minimum if they occur during student learning hours. Examples of professional work hours that can be counted include home visits or parent-teacher conferences, educator training or professional development, or mentorship, coaching and collaboration between school employees.

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