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Identity, Equity, and Transformation Division

//Identity, Equity, and Transformation Division
Identity, Equity, and Transformation Division 2022-11-09T09:35:42-07:00

Core Values

The core values of the Identity, Equity and Transformation Division (IET) are the very foundation on which all agency work is built. We share an agency-wide laser focus on students, families, communities, programs and social justice. IET works in close partnership with all NMPED divisions to create conditions to stand up our vision and live our mission across the great state of New Mexico.

IET houses Indian Education; Special Education; Language and Culture; Hispanic Education, Black Education, At-Risk Intervention Response Team; Safe & Healthy Schools Bureau; Student Success & Wellness; and Title I: Student, School and Family Support Bureau. Leadership and oversight of all state and federal education acts also lives under the IET umbrella.

IET Legislation

Helpful Links

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Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Hotline

Students, families, and community members can report school-based incidents of racial bias by calling the Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Hotline, maintained by the Public Education Department in compliance with the Black Education Act, HB43. The hotline is open to anyone and can be used to report incidents of racism, injustice, or discrimination against anyone in a school setting.

Speak Up, we can't afford to stay silent.

To report an incident:

Call (833) 485-1335
Fill out the online form at

File a Licensure Complaint

ARAO hotline QR Code

Scan the code to submit an incident report

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