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Hispanic Identity 2023-11-20T04:08:28-07:00

Start a Hispanic education arts elective

New Mexican family winter holidays, culture, and traditions

The NMPED's Hispanic Education Bureau seeks colorful sugar skulls to display on our social media and in the NMPED buildings.

Thank you to all the schools that submitted

Chaparral Middle School
James Elementary School
Judy Nelson Elementary School
Hatch Valley Elementary School
Public Academy for Performing Arts School
Garfield Elementary School
Central Schools
Migrant Education Program
McCurdy Charter School
Snell Middle School
Pojoaque Valley Middle School
Tierra Adentro Charter School
Kirtland Middle School
JPaul Taylor Academy
Ben Alexander Elementary School
Carrizozo Elementary School
Hatch Valley Middle School

Honoring Hispanic Student Identity through Music and Dance

Graphic Courtesy of Santiago Savi

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Hispanic Student and Community Identity Partners

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