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Coordinated School Health Yucca

7 Mindsets, the leader in online social emotional learning (SEL)solutions, and New Mexico’s Public Education Department have partnered to make frees SEL resources available through a new online state portal. Beginning September14, 2021 the portal will give students, parents, and educators no-cost access to 7 Mindset’s SEL courses and curriculums, leadership training, and teacher professional development.

For access to the portal go to:

New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network

The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST) has compiled a list of known meal sites taking place in school districts throughout the state of New Mexico during the statewide public school closures. For school districts where days, times, and locations of meal sites are unknown, we have attached hyperlinks that will take you to a page with the contact information for that school district’s Food Service/Nutrition Service Contact Director whom you can direct your questions to. Click here for a list of sites.


Healthier kids make better students.
Better students make healthier communities.

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The Safe and Healthy Schools Bureau believe that ALL students can become successful and responsible individuals who value and choose an active and healthy lifestyle.

Through leadership and teamwork, the Bureau advocates and provides support for schools and families to implement school health programs, and health and nutrition services. Through intra/inter and community agency collaboration, the Bureau works to promote healthier schools by providing professional development, technical assistance and resources to local education agencies. Schools are able to develop, implement and evaluate school health programs and activities, designed to improve instruction and increase student learning. Health-promoting schools become high-achieving schools, which is based on the philosophy that “healthy kids make better students and better students make healthier communities”.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model: A New Approach

By focusing on youth, addressing critical education and health outcomes, organizing collaborative actions and initiatives that support students, and strongly engaging community resources, the WSCC approach offers important opportunities that may improve healthy development and educational attainment for students. Learn more about this approach in a special issue of the Journal of School Health, and at the Center for Disease Control website..

CDC Division of Adolescent and School Health

CDC has developed updated guidance to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in communities which includes recommendations for households, schools, workplaces, and healthcare settings.

Schools, working together with local health departments, have an important role in slowing the spread of diseases to help ensure students have safe and healthy learning environments. CDC has developed Interim Guidance for Administrators of US Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools to Plan, Prepare, and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Schools should continue to collaborate, share information, and review plans with local health officials to help protect the whole school community, including those with special health needs.

Everyone has a role to play in getting ready and staying healthy. Please consider sharing this information through your communication channels. I also encourage you to return to these webpages often as they will continue to be updated.


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