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Hispanic Education Liaison 2022-09-18T08:57:26-06:00

The duties of the Hispanic Education Liaison of the New Mexico Public Education Department are:

  1. focus on issues related to Hispanic education and advise the secretary on the development and implementation of policy regarding the education of Hispanic students;
  2. advise the department and the commission on the development and implementation of the five-year strategic plan for public elementary and secondary education in the state as the plan relates to Hispanic student education;
  3. assist and be assisted by other staff in the department to improve elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational outcomes for Hispanic students;
  4. serve as a resource to enable school districts and charter schools to provide equitable and culturally relevant learning environments, educational opportunities and culturally relevant instructional materials for Hispanic students enrolled in public schools;
  5. support and consult with the Hispanic education advisory council; and
  6. support school districts and charter schools to recruit parents on site-based and school district committees that represent the ethnic diversity of the community.


2022-2023 NMPED Hispanic Education Liaison

Liaison: Julia Rosa Emslie
Title: Hispanic Education Liaison
Phone: 505-487-3489

Page last updated September 18, 2022