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HQIM Implementation Hub

HQIM Implementation Hub 2024-04-04T12:10:33-06:00

HQIM Implementation Hub

In recent years, research has linked high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) and positive student learning outcomes. Materials matter! The New Mexico Public Education Department provides school districts and schools with tools and resources, such as the Adopted Multiple List and the HQIM Reviews website, in order to increase the selection and adoption of HQIM across the state. However, we know that simply adopting and handing teachers HQIM is not enough. Professional learning should be aligned to the rigorous instructional materials so educators can fully implement them to meet the diverse learning needs of all students while creating engaged, culturally relevant, and academically competitive learning environments. This type of professional learning–curriculum-based professional learning–is grounded in immersive learning experiences for educators where they experience as learners the HQIM in ways that mirror their intended use with students.

The New Mexico Public Education Department is providing the HQIM Implementation Hub as a resource for school districts, schools, coaches, school leaders, and teachers. The HQIM Implementation Hub provides research, tools, guidance, and resources based on three phases of HQIM implementation:

HQIM IMPLEMENTATION HUB (Click on a phase below to access resources.)

  1. Preparing to Launch (pre-adoption – year 1)

  2. Initial Implementation (year 1 – year 2)

  3. Deeper Implementation (year 2 – year 3 and beyond)

Teacher pointing to student math work on whiteboard

Ina Holmes, Vista Grande Elementary School, Rio Rancho Public Schools

Group of students with teacher pointing to map on floor

Helen Tucker, Berrendo Elementary School, Roswell Independent School District

Within each phase of HQIM implementation there are resources and tools applicable to the roles of system leaders, school leaders, coaches, and teachers. Coherently providing educators with HQIM and curriculum-based professional learning, as detailed in the HQIM Implementation Hub, will position school districts and schools to achieve the goals of equity, excellence, and relevance for all students.

Speech bubble: I was almost ready to leave the profession, but the implementation of CKLA revived my interest.

High Quality Professional Learning Marketplace

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) is providing this High-Quality Professional Learning (HQPL) Marketplace List as a guide and tool for teachers, schools, and districts to identify professional learning provider programs that support orientation and on-going implementation of HQIM.  The HQPL Marketplace List includes curriculum-based professional learning programs that were reviewed and vetted to ensure they demonstrate evidence-based strategies and results.  The HQPL Marketplace List is a resource LEA’s can use to begin the selection process for professional learning needs at the local level.


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