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Adoption Information

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Provided is information regarding New Mexico Adopted Instructional Material. Our goal is to offer school districts, charters, and state supported schools easily accessible information available to view and download.

High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) Reviews website

Our High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) Reviews website contains reviews conducted by New Mexico educators for New Mexico educators.  Level II and Level III educators from across New Mexico review the submitted instructional materials for alignment with state-adopted standards and other high-quality criteria.  Please visit the website for review scores, appraisals, and other useful information about K-12 Math and 9-12 English Language Arts, Spanish Language Arts, English Language Development, and World Languages core instructional materials.

Adopted Multiple List–All Subjects (Revised 3.10.21)

2020 Adopted Multiple List for K-2 Structured Literacy (Revised 3.10.21)

The supplemental instructional materials list provides LEAs with information on supplemental materials for structured literacy. Unlike comprehensive core materials, which are reviewed by New Mexico educators for quality and alignment to standards, supplemental materials are not reviewed. The list reflects all materials that were submitted by publishers in response to the state RFA.

In ELA, NMPED conducts reviews of comprehensive materials submitted for core designation to identify programs that adequately address grade level standards in all strands of ELA: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language development. Supplemental materials, which are not reviewed by NMPED, attend to one or more (but not all) of these literacy strands. In this case, supplemental materials are designed to provide support in structured literacy instruction.

Per SB398, each school district and charter school is required to provide timely, appropriate, systematic, scientific, evidence-based interventions for students displaying characteristics of dyslexia.  While some comprehensive programs include structured literacy components, supplements may be required for intervention or when core materials do not adequately address structured literacy.  The supplemental instructional materials on this list have not been reviewed for quality and alignment, so school districts/charter schools should conduct their own review to ensure they meet local needs. NMPED is providing LEAs the Structured Literacy Instructional Material Review Rubric that can be used to evaluate the supplemental instructional materials for components of structured literacy.

2020 Adopted Multiple List for 9-12 English Language Arts (ELA), Spanish Language Arts (SLA), English Language Development (ELD), and World Languages (WL) Core and Supplementary Instructional Materials (Revised 3.10.21)






2019 K-12 Math and CTE Adopted Multiple List for Core and Supplementary Instructional Materials          (Revised 3.10.21)

2019 K-12 Math Reviewer Appraisals of Adopted Core Instructional Material by Publisher

2018 K-12 SCIENCE & ART List of Core Basal and Supplementary Adopted Materials w/Scores

2017 K-12 PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH Adopted Materials Reviewed & Scored

2016 K-12 SOCIAL STUDIES Adopted Materials Reviewed & Scored



English Language Arts

Reading Intervention




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