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Special Education Bureau Staff

///Special Education Bureau Staff
Special Education Bureau Staff 2019-10-02T09:30:03-06:00
Dominguez-Clark, Deborah (505) 827-1423 Director of Special Education
Crum, Timothy (505) 827-3502 Deputy Director SEB, Fiscal
Riggs, Sandra (505) 827-3599 Special Education Fiscal Supervisor
Herrera, Amanda E. (505) 827-1401 Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant,  Direct Support to Director of SEB
Abeyta, Elizabeth (505) 827-1457 Receptionist, Internal and External Customer Service and Communication, Records Management
Alumbaugh, James  (505) 827-6483 Office of General Counsel, ADR Coordinator
Bass, Caroline  (505) 827-5820 Office of General Counsel, Complaint Investigator
Bowdon, Michelle  (505) 827-5829 Chief Counsel/Special Education Bureau
Brodeur, Sbicca (505) 827-1456 General Supervision, Low Incidence, NIMAS/NIMAC & Autism Support
Cassel, Elizabeth (505) 827-1427 General Supervision, Ed Aministrator, Complaints and CAPS
Kim, Coreena (505) 827-1460 Financial Coordinator, General Fiscal Coordination/MOE Related Services, IDEA Part B Preschool Budget, IDEA Part B Sub-Grants
Marcotte, Charlene (505) 827-3505 General Supervision, Life Span Transition, Professional Development
Quick, Catherine (505) 827-1461 or 7-6561 General Supervision, Section 619-Preschool, Early Childhood Ed
Romero, Corrine (505) 827-1424 General Supervision, Differentiated Monitoring
Roybal, Joanie (505) 827-3506 General Supervision, Parent Liaison
Schweiger, Liz (505) 827-1463 General Supervision, Policies/Procedures, Private Schools
Sellers, Kaylock (505) 827-1459 Business Operations Specialist, Advanced
Tewa, Ida (505) 827-1466 General Supervision, Graduation Options, Common Core
Vigil, Crystal (505) 827-1463 Management Analyst, Data Validation/APR, Parent Survey
Vacant Data Supervisor, APR, Determination Letters
Vacant General Supervision, State Authorized/Supported Charters, Life Span Tranistion
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