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Charter School Contract Amendments

Charter school contract amendments are sometimes necessary to assure schools are meeting the goals and adhering to the proposed vision upon contract submission. Below are steps necessary to correctly submit the Amendment Request Form.

  •  State Charter School Change/Amendment Request Form must be submitted four weeks prior to the next Public Education Commission (PEC) meeting.
  • The completed amendment request form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Submissions sent elsewhere will not be considered.
  • In the application, include a thorough explanation for the amendment request.
  • Include any documentation that supports the request.  Please include minutes from your school’s governing body meeting during which the proposed amendment(s) were clearly indicated, voted on, and approved. Note: Draft minutes are accepted for submission, however, approved minutes will be required prior to the PEC meeting.
  • Following the submission, a member of the Charter School Division will contact you to confirm receipt and next steps.
  • As soon as it is determined, the school will be notified of the PEC meeting date during which the amendment request will be discussed, and relevant meeting materials will be sent to the school at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.


      Click the link  below to access the Amendment Request Form            Click the link below to access the PEC meeting calendar

              Amendment Request Form                                                                                                        PEC Meeting Calendar



Page last updated February 19, 2018