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In 2019, New Mexico established state funding for a seven-year pilot to fund High Quality CTE programs and monitor their effect on student outcomes (§22-1-12 NMSA). The Next Generation (NextGen) CTE pilot supports CTE, either directly through costs associated with programs of study, or through those educational activities that provide the foundation for successful career preparation.

Goal of the NextGen CTE Pilot

The goal of this funding is to provide public school students the opportunity to enroll in high quality, industry relevant career technical education. A high quality program of study is an articulated, sequential series of courses that leads to industry recognized credentials, including certificates and degrees. Programs of study should be aligned with careers that are in need in the student’s local economic region.

Funding may be used for any of the following initiatives:

  • Programs of study and CTE-related supports
  • Guided career exploration for middle school and/or high school students
  • Online support and programming for integrating Algebra and Geometry with CTE
  • Employability skills training provided by a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO), or via an online training platform
  • Teacher preparation for existing CTE instructors to become qualified to provide dual credit instruction
  • Work-based learning (WBL)

NextGen Summary

Year 1
(7/1/19 – 6/30/20)

Year 2
(7/1/20 – 6/30/21)

Funding Allocation Methodology


Perkins funded LEAs: 10% of formula funds go to previous Perkins recipients; determined by participation in 2017-2020 award periods.

Non-Perkins funded LEAs: 90% of formula funds go to non-Perkins LEAs. LEAs receiving Perkins funds for the first time in 2020-21 are eligible for this higher formula award.

Competitive Funding

100% competitive funding.

In the first year, there was a provided menu of Programs of Study options and the priority was funding new programs of study.

Applicants could also fund the CTE Supports.

A portion of the NextGen CTE funds are set aside for competitive grants to build and launch new programs. These funds will be distributed on a competitive basis and generally are only available in the first three years of a program.



Funding allocated for formula-based awards that is not claimed by potential applicants will be redistributed. Redistribution funds will be applied first to qualified competitive applications that did not receive full funding through the competitive process. If PED does not have sufficient qualified competitive applications for available redistribution funds, remaining redistribution funds will be awarded to non-Perkins funded applicants, using the formula detailed above.

LEAs Impacted



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