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Girl poses for picture with text book in handThe  Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins), supports the expansion of Career Technical Education (CTE). It challenges students with rigorous academic and CTE instruction, a method that prepares students for high skill, high wage or in-demand and emerging professions.

Perkins incorporates national research and information to continuously improve CTE programs and activities, while providing services such as professional development for educators at the State and local levels. This full circle framework also advocates for strong partnerships between secondary schools, postsecondary institutions and the local workforce.

With the use of resources such as the New Mexico Career Cluster Guide Book and New Mexico Career Pathways, schools and institutions can guide students to a successful career path within New Mexico. Career Clusters and recommended programs of study help students of all backgrounds find a career path that not only meets their interests, but also ensures a sustainable living.

Recommended Programs of Study

The Public Education Department (PED), College and Career Readiness Bureau (CCRB), has formally adopted seven Career Technical Education (CTE) programs of study. These programs help schools strengthen career technical education statewide. We encourage you to begin using them as part of your comprehensive career technical education curriculum. Contact your Perkins coach for any assistance you may need.

Common Career Technical Core

Career Technical Education meets New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC). These standards require that all districts, charter schools, eligible state educational institutions, and eligible state postsecondary institutions meet challenging academic and technical standards with benchmarks  set fourth by NMAC 6.29.3. Students will meet content standards for ten CTE strands including:

  1. Academic foundations
  2. Communications
  3. Problem solving and critical thinking
  4. Information technology applications
  5. Systems
  6. Safety, health and environmental management
  7. Leadership and team work
  8. Ethics and legal responsibilities
  9. Employability and career development
  10. Technical skills

6.29.3 NMAC Primary and Secondary Education Standards for Excellence

Introduction to The Common Career Technical Core

Advance CTE

New Mexico Career Pathways

NM Career Pathways is a tool that allows educators, parents and students to explore detailed information about their local school districts, labor markets and career clusters. Career clusters is a classifications system that groups occupations into sixteen different clusters based on similarities in foundational knowledge and skills needed to achieve success. These clusters are then broken down into seventy-eight career pathways. Students must complete four classes in a program of study sequence in order to completely master all the common career technical core standards of the pathway, or they may complete two classes in a sequence to be considered a concentrator.

Introduction to Career Clusters

New Mexico Career Clusters Guide

Additional Information


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