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Redistribution of Unused Funds

Redistribution of Unused Funds 2021-02-16T03:09:29-07:00

At the end of each fiscal year, Perkins Basic subgrantees revert the unspent amount of their award back to PED. Beginning in 2021, Redistribution of Unused Funds will be administered in the following manner.

Reverted funds, not to exceed 15% of the Basic Grant, shall be distributed as Redistribution Reserve.

  1. Eligible entities may apply for a competitive redistribution award. The exact design of the Reserve competition may change from year to your, and will foster innovation by:
    1. enhancing the quality of CTE programs offered;
    2. increasing participation in CTE programs, especially from students in special populations; or,
    3. promoting the development, implementation and adoption of a new program of study that is aligned to high-skill, high-wage, or in-demand occupations and the CLNA priorities established biennially.

If the reverted amount exceeds 15% of the Basic Grant, Redistribution Formula grants will be offered to all initial awardees.

  1. Subgrantees who received a Perkins Basic award in the fiscal year for which redistribution is being calculated will be eligible to receive a formula redistribution award and:
    1. will be informed of estimated amounts; and,
    2. must decide to participate.

An application will be required for both Redistribution Reserve and Redistribution Formula awards.

Redistribution will be announced in early spring of the next fiscal year.

For more information or if you have questions, please reach out to the CCRB Staff.

Page last updated February 16, 2021