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Redistribution of Unused Funds

Redistribution of Unused Funds 2019-03-06T16:10:52-07:00

In general, in any academic year that an eligible recipient does not expend all of the amounts the eligible recipient is allocated for such year under section 131 or 132 , such eligible recipient shall return any unexpended amounts to the eligible agency to be reallocated under section 131 or 132, as appropriate. In addition, in any academic year in which amounts are returned to the eligible agency, and the eligible agency is unable to reallocate such amounts for that same academic year, the eligible agency shall retain such amounts for distribution in combination with amounts provided section 112(a)(1) for the following academic year.

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) College and Career Readiness Bureau (CCRB) encourages secondary and post-secondary institutions to apply for 2017-18 redistribution funds via the Redistribution portal: 2017-18 Perkins Redistribution.

Please re-submit the 2017-18 Perkins Redistribution Application to your Perkins Coach as soon as possible so it can be approved by April 26, 2019.

Local Perkins project directors have been provided with a username. Project directors can obtain passwords by going to the website Get My Password. The password will automatically generate and then emailed to the project director.

For questions, please contact the CCRB Project Manager at

Page last updated March 6, 2019