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The New Mexico Social Studies Standards were redeveloped through a transparent process using research on current evidence-based practices and sound data to create a culturally responsive set of standards that focus on the knowledge and skills critical to ensure ALL students in NM are college, career, and civic ready. The work started with a visionary committee who created guiding principles. Stakeholders including educators, business and community leaders, higher education representatives, and parents continued to be involved throughout the adoption process. The writing began when a team of educators from across the state applied in response to a call from PED. They were selected to convene and analyze the old standards, receive training in standards writing, and examine standards from across the country. The standards were written and a subset of this working group later convened to revise the proposed standards after considering responses from public hearing and comments

Social Studies Standards

Instructional Scope

Social Studies Standards Professional Learning Opportunities 2023-2024

Reflect: Unpack research, data, and promising practices to to ground and inform the work. Review: Look at current standards and identify gaps and needs based on guiding principles and draft architecture. Revise: Write/revise the standards.

Standards Review Timeline

Rule submission to the NM register, September 16 2021. Rule is published, September 28 2021. Public hearing and public comment period (45 day comment period), September 29 - November 11, 2021. Public Hearing to be held November 12, 2021. Final Rule Approval and publish in NMAC, February 2022 (The Public Education Department will take into consideration written and verbal feedback and publish a final rule for adoption into the New Mexico Administrative Code). Release final standards and Professional Learning Modules made available to all educators, February - May, 2022.

Strands and Anchors at a Glance

CivicsEconomics/Personal Financial LiteracyGeographyHistoryEthnic, Cultural, and Identity StudiesInquiry
Anchor Standard 1

Civic And Political Institutions

Anchor Standard 5

Economic Decisions Making

Anchor Standard 11

Geogrpahic Representations and Reasoning

Anchor Standard 15

Historical Change, Continuity, Context, and Reconciliation

Anchor Standard 20

Diversity and Identity

Anchor Standard 23

Construct Compelling and Supporting Questions

Anchor Standard 2

Processes, Rules, and Laws

Anchor Standard 6

Incentives and Choices

Anchor Standard 12

Location, Pleace, and Region

Anchor Standard 16

Cause and Consequence

Anchor Standard 21

Identity in History

Anchor Standard 24

Gather and Evaluate Sources

Anchor Standard 3

Civic Dispositions and Democratic Principles

Anchor Standard 7

Economic Systems and Models

Anchor Standard 13

Movement, Population, and Systems

Anchor Standard 17

Historical Thinking

Anchor Standard 22

Community Equity Building

Anchor Standard 25

Develop Claims

Anchor Standard 8

Money and Markets

Anchor Standard 14

Human-Environmental Interactions and Sustainability

Anchor Standard 18

Critical Consciousness and Perspectives

Anchor Standard 26

Communicate and Critique Conclusions

Anchor Standard 9

Global Economy

Anchor Standard 19

Power Dynamics, Leadership, and Agency

Anchor Standard 27

Take Informed Action

Anchor Standard 4

Roles and Responsibilities of a Civic Life

Anchor Standard 10

Personal Financial Literacy

From the Guiding Principles, the Following Major Shifts Emerged:

  • Moving away from a singular dominant narrative
  • Crafting questions that spark and sustain inquiry
  • Integrating skills and content purposefully
  • Providing opportunities for communicating conclusions through productive student discourse and taking informed action
  • Empowering students to develop agency and pride in their identities

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