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Social Studies 2023-04-11T09:16:04-06:00

The new social studies standards are LIVE! Please see the yellow boxes for links to the social studies standards, the adopted social studies rule, professional learning opportunities, parent and family guides, and more.

Parent and Family Guides for Social Studies

Social Studies Professional Learning Opportunities

Goal for the Work

To collaboratively redevelop the NMPED Social Studies Standards using current evidence-based practices, research and data to create a culturally responsive set of Social Studies Standards that focus on the knowledge, skills and dispositions critical to ensure ALL students in New Mexico are college, career, and civic ready.

Prior to the development of the new social studies standards, the social studies standards in New Mexico were last revised in 2009 (Primary and Secondary Education Standards for Excellence in Social Studies, 2009). While the current standards have numerous strengths and cover a wide range of topics, they do not address the increasingly diverse perspectives and histories of the peoples of New Mexico.

The new Social Studies Standards have gone through the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) rule development process. NMPED extended the deadline – originally scheduled for Monday, December 6 – to allow more time to consider all 2,909 pages of written comments and 109 verbal comments from the November 12 public hearing. The Social Studies Revisions Working Group completed revisions in December 2021, and the final rule was submitted and published in the New Mexico Register February 22, 2022.

These new proposed standards have been finalized and will be implemented starting with the first semester of the 2023/24 school year, allowing time for professional development prior to implementation. Please see the Re-Development & Implementation Calendar as well as the New Mexico Social Studies Implementation Plan below for more information. Please check back often, as these are living documents. In addition, social studies office hours will be implemented soon; check back for more information.

Social Studies Standards

Final Rule for Social Studies Standards

Key Tenets for the Work

NMPED conducted an open and transparent standards development process by engaging educators, business leaders, representation from higher education and parents in standards development committees.

Reflect: Unpack research, data, and promising practices to to ground and inform the work. Review: Look at current standards and identify gaps and needs based on guiding principles and draft architecture. Revise: Write/revise the standards.

Guiding Principles for the Process – Social Studies Standards Re-development

Standards Review Timeline

Rule submission to the NM register, September 16 2021. Rule is published, September 28 2021. Public hearing and public comment period (45 day comment period), September 29 - November 11, 2021. Public Hearing to be held November 12, 2021. Final Rule Approval and publish in NMAC, February 2022 (The Public Education Department will take into consideration written and verbal feedback and publish a final rule for adoption into the New Mexico Administrative Code). Release final standards and Professional Learning Modules made available to all educators, February - May, 2022.

Standards Review and Revision Process

The standards review and revision process includes ten steps outlined below.

  1. Change into federal law, state statue (NMSA), or policy priority as determined by the Secretary
  2. PED identifies an opportunity to add clarity around implementation or accountability or accountability to rule (NMAC)
  3. PED Chooses to: (1) adopt a new rule (2) amend an existing rule (3) repeal a rule or (4) repeal and replace a rule
  4. PED holds stakeholder engagement and develops proposed draft
  5. Public notice and draft are released
  6. Minimum 30-day comment period held on rule
  7. Public hearing is held a minimum of 31 days from the notice
  8. PED considers public comment
  9. PED adopts rule
  10. PED files rule

Next steps

  1. During the summer of 2022, NMPED began an instructional materials review for the adoption list of high-quality instructional materials aligned to the standards.
  2. Schools and districts began initial implementation and adoption of the new standards during the school year 2022-23 with time to preview and engage in professional development.
  3. The FY24 legislative session will include instructional materials funding in the SEG that can be utilized for social studies materials adoption that meets the needs of your specific community.
  4. Full implementation of the social studies standards will occur in school year 2023-24.

Re-development & Implementation Calendar

If you have additional comments, please email

Additional Resources

Social Studies Instructional Material Guidance

New Mexico Social Studies Standards Implementation Plan

Social Studies Standards FAQ

New Mexico Social Studies Standards Glossary

Instructional Shifts Guiding Questions

Criteria for High Quality Standards

Resources for Standards Writing

Setting the Standards Infographic

Social Studies Standards – A National Landscape Scan

New Mexico Social Studies Standards Crosswalk

Read Current Public Comments

Administrative Rule Hearing: November 12, 2021

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