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Our core mission within K through 12 dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts and the Fine Arts Education Act (FAEA) is to

  • promote equity, excellence, inclusion, education and diversity in and through the arts, humanities, literacy, math and sciences, and
  • foster a rich cultural life for all New Mexicans, and
  • boost learning and achievement

These programs contribute to the richness and strengths of our communities and economy. An FAEA vision: Equity and culture elevates the quality of life in all our communities and drives arts education growth across the creative economy. These programs are inclusive and equitable, and embrace diversity; these programs empower a new generation through creative youth development and education.

The K through 12 arts in education and FAEA have a focus on: advancing inclusion and equity, enriching communities through arts curriculum, growing the creative economy, and empowering a creative generation. The arts will build individualized capacity in every school.

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Page last updated November 30, 2020