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Humanities 2022-05-20T03:46:31-06:00

Our core mission within K through 12 dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts and the Fine Arts Education Act (FAEA) is to

  • promote equity, excellence, inclusion, education and diversity in and through the arts, humanities, literacy, math and sciences, and
  • foster a rich cultural life for all New Mexicans, and
  • boost learning and achievement

These programs contribute to the richness and strengths of our communities and economy. An FAEA vision: Equity and culture elevates the quality of life in all our communities and drives arts education growth across the creative economy. These programs are inclusive and equitable, and embrace diversity; these programs empower a new generation through creative youth development and education.

The K through 12 arts in education and FAEA have a focus on: advancing inclusion and equity, enriching communities through arts curriculum, growing the creative economy, and empowering a creative generation. The arts will build individualized capacity in every school.

Fine Arts Education Act (FAEA) Application

Due by June 1, 2022 at 5:00 PM MDT

Coming soon

Community of Practice (CoP) Resources

Create New Mexico: Driving Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum, 5/19/2022

Educators will learn about Adobe Creative Cloud apps and lesson plans created for Fine Arts teachers at this FAEA CoP, as well as how to opt in for Create New Mexico, which provides students with more than 20 industry-standard apps for design, photography, video, and web at no charge.

Meeting the Moment: Addressing Racism Through Recognition and Response, 5/18/2022

Like the Hispanic Education Act and the Indian Education Act, the Black Education Act empowers teachers with culturally relevant knowledge that represents the students they serve. This CoP provided information about the Black Education Act as well as training and practical supports available to our classroom heroes.

Integrating Primary Sources Into Your Instruction: Accessible Resources From the National Archives, 5/12/2022

This session modeled how to teach with the holdings of the National Archives with a focus on text analysis, collaborative examination of primary sources, and using dialogue to make connections between sources and big ideas. Participants received access to lesson plans and other online materials.

New Mexico Musueum Of Art Humanities Project, 4/21/2022

The New Mexico Museum of Art presented on its Digital Exploration of Humanities Through the Arts project, which will encourage educators to creatively explore the close relationships between art and traditional humanities (i.e. anthropology, archaeology, history, ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, and religion). This online platform will reimagine the museum’s extensive and rich collection to foster greater understanding of the contextual connections between art and the humanities, while nurturing visual literacy, broadening the museums outreach and inclusively, and improving access to its collections.

Completing the Fine Arts Education Act (FAEA) Application for the 2022-2023 School Year, 3/18/2022

This CoP taught participants how to complete the newly digitized FAEA application for next school year, which is due June 1, 2022.

Filmmaking and the Use of Film in Teaching Art, 2/24/2022

This CoP focused on student filmmaking and the use of film in teaching art. The CoP featured a presentation from Silver Bullet Productions, a New Mexico nonprofit focused on supporting education by using filmmaking and films as a vehicle for relevant learning.

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