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Safe Schools Plans Guidance

Behavioral/Mental Health

Evidence Based Gatekeeper Training Options: Online Courses and costs


Rave Panic Button

Safe School Planning Resources

Public Health

Cyber and Online Safety

Sample Parent Letters Pre and Post Incident Response


Access and Functional Needs

Active Shooter

Swatting calls and hoaxes – Best Practices

Additional Training Opportunities

The Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance Center provides additional of training opportunities.

Building Blocks to School Safety: A Toolkit for Schools and Districts for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans

Senate Bill 147 (SB147)-School Safety Drill Requirements are as follows:

An emergency drill shall be conducted in each public and private school once a week during the first four weeks of the school year. Of these:

  • One (1) shall be shelter-in-place that includes preparation to respond to an active shooter.
  • One (1) shall be an evacuation drill.
  • Two (2) shall be fire drills.

During the rest of the school year, each school shall conduct at least four (4) additional emergency drills, at least two (2) of which shall be fire drills.

In locations where a fire department is maintained, a member of the fire department shall be requested to be in attendance for the purpose of giving instruction and constructive criticism.

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For questions about Safe Schools Plans, please contact:

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Safe Schools Program Coordinator

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